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21 Nov

Fan Questions Answered By @Joslyn_Fox

We asked you to ask her and she answered.

Katie P #Cher Crew (@Katiep2249) – What is the best thing that has happened to you since you have been on Drag Race?10401874_10152163325604135_6713633809541294229_n
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Doing drag for a living and getting to travel and I really love the meet and greet. I love to perform but I really live for those moments to meet the fans.

Natalia Oliveri(@noliveri73) – How did you come up with your signature catchphrase “Keep it foxy”?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – That was when we did the talk show challenge and we had to do a sign off. Ru came around in the work room and she checked us all and said, “so what’s your sign off gonna be?” And I said, “Oh you remember when Carol Burnett would tug her ear to say she loved her mom?” Ru asked, “so how are you going to tell your mom you love her?” and I said, “I’m gonna say, ‘until next time keep it foxy'” and I did the double lift of my right tit.

Addison AaronBadesha (@addicash) – Serious drag queen here in the making, just one thing: WHERE DO I START? Please help.
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Don’t try to be anyone else, be yourself and stay true to yourself.

Liam Fergeus (@Liam_Fergeus – Are there any queens that inspire you? Especially from this season?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – When I was 18 I used to go to this amatuer drag show in Boston and Jujubee won the contest. Jujubee came up to me and I told her, “now I know what I want to do… I saw that and said, that’s what I want to do.” Then she was on Drag Race and came back to Worcester and remembered the interaction.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – What have you been up to since?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Traveling around performing in different clubs.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – How did you first get started into drag? Who’s your role model & who inspires you?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – I was trying to get into DJing and I always had a lot of fun djing and had a lot of gigs at a lot of different clubs. I used to love going to straight clubs because they’d play a mixture of hip-hop and dance…. I did a lot of old school, so I had a really diverse crowd. Then I was djing the drag show and lip syncing to the songs and the host suggested I do drag. So I was DJing in drag and having someone fill in, so I did that for a while. Then it got put on hold for Drag Race, but I kinda want to do a Nina Flowers style.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Can we see wedding ring?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Patrick doesn’t have a wedding ring yet because the wedding on the reunion was Joslyn’s so there is some costume jewelry she always wears on her ring finger.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – How’s hubby & did you have a honeymoon?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Andre is doing well, back to work as he’s used up all his vacation time to travel around the country for the premiers and finales. Their honeymoon will be spent on the Al & Chuck Drag Stars At Sea. (Click here to book with Joslyn and enjoy the honeymoon with them!)

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Who’s your favorite clothing designer & do you do fashion week modeling?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – I love going dress shopping, Jovani makes my favorite dresses. I don’t have one yet, but that’s my dream. She doesn’t do modeling as Joslyn, she used to do boy modeling, but she’d love to.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Do you have any pets? What kind?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Yes, three dogs

Dragbook.com (@dragbook) – What’s the craziest number you’ve ever done? The one gig that makes you go, “Holy shit I did that!”?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – There are plenty on Drag Race. The one I got the most flack for, there were two, the animal kingdom realness one and the crazy sexy cool, were two of my favorites and they were two of the most hated… I tend to take things too literally…[she quoted Drop Dead Gorgeous, “I think I misunderstood the challenge”] when they gave us the box of things, I assumed we were supposed to use as much stuff as possible.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Has she been on the Ellen show?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Not yet, but I’d love to!

Once again, we can’t thank Joslyn (Patrick) enough for taking time out of her busy work schedule to speak with us and give us so much insight into the the inner workings of the kindest soul on the planet. We absolutely had a blast and look forward to what you have in store for the future. All clubs should book this wonderful queen, she brings the show and the fans LOVE her. Contact booking@joslynfox.com to get her booked in a club near you. Be sure to get your Joslyn Fox T-Shirts at joslynfox.com and keep an eye out for staring with Bianca in Hurricane Bianca, CLICK HERE to help fund the movie.



18 Nov

Death, Fame & Guilt For Joslyn Fox

919440_577242825630864_1839166328_oWhile Joslyn is the most humble and kind person with a lighthearted manner, there is a darker side she shared with us. She admitted to growing up with her best friend, Paul and being “celebrity obsessed and we were going to do anything we could to be famous and to be successful.” They both pursued their own avenues, but Joslyn made it on RuPaul’s Drag Race while Paul was still struggling. Paul felt some sense of failure due to Joslyn’s success. While people tell her not to blame herself, she feels a sense of responsibility and ultimately guilt for her success due to the timing of his suicide.

Paul was in Chicago during the premier of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 and Paul’s boyfriend was at Gia Gunn’s premier party while Joslyn and their other best friend were together at Joslyn’s 1620451_715227155165763_877922694_nin Worcester. She said he must have felt alone in that moment, but it was too much for him to handle. He couldn’t be happy for Joslyn because he was too much in his own head about his own sadness. She said, “it’s just a hard thing to swallow because he did it on that night.” Paul bought Star Magazine every week and the week of Paul’s funeral Joslyn was in it. She feels like every time something great happens in her career there seems to be a reminder of him.

Joslyn remembers when they used to go to meet and greets with Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and waiting in 1920182_10151963353454135_1813462780_nline overnight for the chance to get an autograph and picture. She feels like if he hadn’t killed himself he may have been living vicariously through her now that she’s on the other side of it and thinks, “Dude, I did it and where are you? It’s hard to wrap my head around it because I’m still going through that.” She said she cries herself to sleep, she does feel very lonely and gets inside her head.

It’s very emotional for her but she doesn’t want to be crying for her fans’ pictures so sadly, Joslyn bites her tongue during her own meet and greets so she doesn’t cry. She recalled one of her favorite times, “this girl came up to me and she was so nervous and she was shaking and I fixed her hair for the picture. She just had all this makeup on and it just didn’t match her because you could tell she was just so shy but her look was like she was so confident. So she posed 10714053_10152390582299135_6790174225229062358_ofor the picture and she walked off and then she stopped and she turned around and came back to me, it was like she had this thing in her head she wanted to say but she was too nervous to say it, she said ‘um, I just want to say thank you because you give me the confidence every day to be more like who I am and be honest and be my true self’ and she just walked away and I started balling.”

Joslyn says even with all the hate she gets, the people that give her this type of love make it all worth it. She said she gets messages from people who have problems with suicide and she feels like she may have a good platform to help people understand and relate. Joslyn is a true gem and sharing this part of her with us meant a lot. We debated about writing this because it was so emotional and in fact brought tears to our eyes, but we feel it is important for anyone who is dealing with sadness, depression or any thoughts of suicide to know they’re not alone.

Rest in peace Paul and our thoughts and love go out to your friends and family. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, please reach out to someone, click on this link www.suicidepreventionlifeline.org or speak to someone. Get help, because suicide is not the answer.

16 Nov

The Congenial Race Of Joslyn Fox

From the onset, Joslyn Fox said wanted to win the crown on Season 6, but she didn’t want to win by putting other people down. Which she attests to possibly being her downfall. She says the show was an honest depiction of her and she wasn’t filtering herself at all.  In her mind she was “there making friends, learning, enjoying 10426691_10152171738669135_4858100926752954804_nmyself and just trying to enjoy the ride the best I could. I probably should have been more focused on winning… if I were to do it differently I would have done all those things differently.”

When we asked if she was as bubbly as she is portrayed on the show all the time, she said she does try to keep positive and keep her personal stuff to herself. However, there is a side of Joslyn that goes a little deeper. She shared with her Season 6 sisters in the workroom the story of her six year old nephew who passed away one day after receiving the rejection for Season 5. She reflected, “I remember stirring a pot of eye shadow, I was just staring at it because I didn’t want to look any of them in the face. I remember looking up and all of them were balling crying all their makeup off. We were in the mirror putting on our makeup and they were all crying it off. Darienne slamming her hand on the table saying ‘it’s not fair, it’s not fair, he was 6 years old it’s not fair’.” Joslyn told us when she was eliminated they asked her to speak about her nephew and her personal battle with suicide but none of that conversation was aired.

Joslyn doesn’t know if people would have treated her differently if more of that side of her would have been aired. Perhaps they may have seen her as more vulnerable and not come for her because she takes it and doesn’t lash out. But the young kids love her for her strength and optimism and the fact that she isn’t intimidating. She naturally has a draw to her when people meet her.

She says she gets people telling her that they want to be friends with her all the time, but she said she doesn’t have a lot of friends she hangs out with because of

Joslyn and her mommy
Joslyn and her mommy

where she lives. There just aren’t a lot of people nearby. But she’s really close to her family and her family is close to each other. Her mother and mother-in-law are best friends and Andre, her husband’s, sister and Joslyn’s brother are dating, so those two families are intertwined like no other.

Mrs. Fox is just naturally a kind person and having talked with her for hours was truly a highlight of our lives. For any who say anything negative about Joslyn, she may see or hear it, but she definitely knows she’s doing her best and constantly improving for those fans who love her and express their love. Stay tuned, for the fan question responses, you asked, she answered.

13 Nov

The Married Life of Joslyn Fox

As many of you know, we had the great privilege of meeting the wonderful, kind and cute Joslyn Fox and speaking with her for an interview. What you might not know is the interview went much longer than expected and we covered so much stuff we thought we’d break down the conversation into pieces. We thought we’d start with the beautiful relationship between her and her husband Andre.

The love story of Patrick Joslyn more commonly known as Joslyn Fox and Andre Girouard is a beautiful one, reflective of a “typical lesbian” relationship they dated for a few months and then Joslyn moved in and they’ve been together for 6 years, 4 of which they were engaged. But the impromptu wedding at the reunion, has a story of its own. The original plan was for Joslyn to surprise Andre with the wedding, but no sooner had she spoken with producers and shared the “secret” with Andre than they decided they didn’t have the time to include it. So Joslyn went on with life and didn’t think anything of it, literally up to and including when Andre was the next one to ask a fan question.

Andre was in touch with the producers the entire time and able to hide it from Joslyn by adding the producer as “Dad” into his phone. Being trusting as she is, she did notice Andre’s “Dad” was calling him way more than usual, but believed him when he said everything was fine. Andre is normally such a shy person, Joslyn can’t even bring him to the stage for songs she’s dedicating to him, so she never would have thought he’d be able to get into the spotlight in such a manner. When he got up to read the fan question she thought “Andre, now is not the time to go to the bathroom, the camera’s right there!” And when he went toward the microphone she thought, “you’re going the wrong way, the bathroom is back there!” He got up and asked to get married then participated in the wedding all in front of a live audience and later aired on national television and she’s so proud of him for doing so.

She told us about all the clues she missed including the crew looking for flowers, Joslyn told the crew, “I’ll help you look for the flowers!” They had to tell her she couldn’t, but she was so happy for them when they found the flowers she said, “oh, I’m so glad they found the flowers,” on her way to the stage. She did admit she wished she had been better able to process the wedding when it was happening, but she did feel a little freaked out because she’s such a control freak and had no control over what was happening.

As far as married life goes, it’s the same as before the wedding, but that was always great. They have mutual respect for each other and Andre even manages Joslyn. Although he can’t unhook a bra, he does help her prepare for her performances. We wish them all the happiness in the world.

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