From the onset, Joslyn Fox said wanted to win the crown on Season 6, but she didn’t want to win by putting other people down. Which she attests to possibly being her downfall. She says the show was an honest depiction of her and she wasn’t filtering herself at all.  In her mind she was “there making friends, learning, enjoying 10426691_10152171738669135_4858100926752954804_nmyself and just trying to enjoy the ride the best I could. I probably should have been more focused on winning… if I were to do it differently I would have done all those things differently.”

When we asked if she was as bubbly as she is portrayed on the show all the time, she said she does try to keep positive and keep her personal stuff to herself. However, there is a side of Joslyn that goes a little deeper. She shared with her Season 6 sisters in the workroom the story of her six year old nephew who passed away one day after receiving the rejection for Season 5. She reflected, “I remember stirring a pot of eye shadow, I was just staring at it because I didn’t want to look any of them in the face. I remember looking up and all of them were balling crying all their makeup off. We were in the mirror putting on our makeup and they were all crying it off. Darienne slamming her hand on the table saying ‘it’s not fair, it’s not fair, he was 6 years old it’s not fair’.” Joslyn told us when she was eliminated they asked her to speak about her nephew and her personal battle with suicide but none of that conversation was aired.

Joslyn doesn’t know if people would have treated her differently if more of that side of her would have been aired. Perhaps they may have seen her as more vulnerable and not come for her because she takes it and doesn’t lash out. But the young kids love her for her strength and optimism and the fact that she isn’t intimidating. She naturally has a draw to her when people meet her.

She says she gets people telling her that they want to be friends with her all the time, but she said she doesn’t have a lot of friends she hangs out with because of

Joslyn and her mommy

Joslyn and her mommy

where she lives. There just aren’t a lot of people nearby. But she’s really close to her family and her family is close to each other. Her mother and mother-in-law are best friends and Andre, her husband’s, sister and Joslyn’s brother are dating, so those two families are intertwined like no other.

Mrs. Fox is just naturally a kind person and having talked with her for hours was truly a highlight of our lives. For any who say anything negative about Joslyn, she may see or hear it, but she definitely knows she’s doing her best and constantly improving for those fans who love her and express their love. Stay tuned, for the fan question responses, you asked, she answered.