Whether you’ve been with us since 2014 or if you’re new to the site, we’re so glad you’re here. Yep, we’ve been here since ABCD – Adore, Bianca, Courtney, and Darienne were on the group chat in Season 6. So we’re celebrating with a new format. We blogged about it a little previously, but we’re pretty stoked to see that the development actually worked!! Check out the latest changes and let us know you’re thoughts. We break them down below.

Image courtesy of MyLondon.news

We get hit up all the time for two things, “where can I find a drag show in my area to watch?”, and “how can I book a drag performer for my event?”

You asked, we responded – after a long time of not responding at all admittedly, we’ve created a calendar for you to find a show and we’ve created a job board for you to post what you need and get a performer to fill the spot.

Please visit Drag Events Galore – where you can not only see a map of events in your area, but also filter based on performers, dates, and all kinds of fun stuff. If you’re a performer and your gig isn’t listed, fill out the form and we’ll get you up there! Or if you don’t see your favorite performer listed, let them know they gotta get their show on the site so others can find them!

Please visit our Gig Marketplace to find gigs you might be a good fit for. And if you have a gig that you need a performer for, please post your gig on the board.

We’re trying to get you booked, we’re trying to get you more tips, we’re trying to help you get noticed and get paid. So help us help you by having everyone you know use these tools. We’ve been so fortunate that you haven’t forgotten us through the tough times and we’re trying to give back. This little site that started by interviewing local drag queens, or our Hometown Hunties, as we call them, is still around after a decade of drag and we’re just getting started.

Got feedback? Reach out, you know we love to hear from you. Send an email using our contact form Tell DQG. Talk to you soon, hunties!