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07 Sep

Welcome Back

Brief summary of what Drag Queens Galore is up to post-pandemic quarantine

We’d like to take a moment to welcome you back to live shows and let you know we’ll be going to the shows and recording again. During the pandemic we had a bit of difficulty doing so, as we all have. But we feel we’re at a place where we are able to visit specific shows with health and safety in mind. We are a bit limited to location, but feel free to reach out to us for an invitation to your show and have it showcased on this site.

Additionally, we’re officially launching our shopping marketplace and would like to hear from vendors who sell drag merchandise. If you sell wigs, makeup, outfits, or anything that brings drag to the world, we want to hear from you too! We’d love to have your products and services showcased on the site.

Finally, we are working on the social media side again and would love to hear from you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Who should we showcase, who do you want to see more of, and who are you looking for?

Thank you so much for keeping Drag Queens Galore going for the past 7 years!

24 Mar

Drag Shows Galore

So what’s up with the house arrest?

If you’re on this planet… which we haven’t quite made our viewership on Mars yet, so you must be… then you’re probably home for a while and quite possibly bored out of your mind!

Well never fear, Drag Queens are here… well, not here because the social distancing thing, but you know, they’re in your “living room” thanks to all the streaming shows!

We’re so excited that everyone has made adjustments and figured out how to “brings it to you every [where]”

We’d love to help any and all drag performers during this time. We know we sent out the notification on social media that we’re reposting all performers who share their Venmo/CashApp/PayPal info in the comments of their posts that tag @dragqueensgalore on Instagram. But please feel free to share YouTube videos, Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts, and anything else we can share.

If you’re a fan, please tip what you can… $1, $2, $20, whatever, it all helps and they are being creative, so please make sure you share with friends, family, enemies, dogs, whatever!

07 Dec

Get A Date!

Or at least know what the date is with this calendar.

A lot of people worked really hard on an LGBT Book Themed 2020 Wall Calendar Fundraiser for Lucie’s Place. It features some fierce models, drag queens/kings, and a mermaid.

This 8.5″ x 11″ wall calendar features a dozen exciting original art pieces inspired by selections from We’re Here! We Read! Get Used To It! LGBTQIA+ Book Club.

All proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go directly to Lucie’s Place, Arkansas’ only LGBTQ-specific shelter. Lucie’s Place provides LGBTQ young adults experiencing homelessness in Central Arkansas with safe living environments, job training, and counseling services in order to ensure lifelong stability and success. Lucie’s Place strives to promote equality and acceptance for LGBTQ young adults.

26 Feb

Drag Race Unveils Untucked Moving To WOW Presents YouTube Channel

In yet another unexpected twist, World of Wonder dropped the bomb that the behind the scenes spin-off series to RuPaul’s Drag Race, Untucked: RuPaul’s Drag Race would be moved from airing on Logo immediately following Drag Race to its YouTube channel WOW Presents the morning after.

10941032_10152670174057828_4638529254836414034_nSome responses we’ve seen have been negative, others positive. The negative arguments, “I don’t want to wait until the next morning to watch online.” And while the scheduled release will be 9 PM EST, that means for the west coast viewers, who already have the 3 hour wait on Monday night, it evens the playing field. That is if you want to be up at 6 AM PST after you’ve probably been out watching the show with your favorite drag pals and dancing afterward at the club. Heck, maybe you’ll still be up from the turn up. While the west coast has to wake up early to get that worm, it means that those on the east coast who start work at 8 AM will have to sneak their online usage to watch the show. Or if you have the self control or don’t need to see Untucked as it “airs” one click and you can watch away.

The positive comments have been, “great because I don’t have Logo.” This gives the international and non-cable or “selective providers” that don’t have Logo as part of their lineup a chance to watch what happens without having to illegally obtain the feed. It also gives you the opportunity to hear what happens without any censors or commercials. “This is the viewer’s chance to see what really goes on behind-the-scenes at RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s not just untucked – it’s uncensored, unhinged, and unapologetic, bitch. Just like Madonna,” said World of Wonder founders Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato⇑.

One thing is for sure, RuPaul and the World of Wonder folks are not going to miss one single opportunity to tease the hell out of this season. From the Snapchat clues of the cast, to the change in the scheduled release of the season premiere date, this season is definitely full of twists and turns and it hasn’t even started. But get this, by our calculations, the newly announced Drag Con, the first ever Drag Convention being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 16-17, should be the weekend before the announcement of Season 7’s winner. If that’s not brilliant… it’s brilliant, the end.

Tune in Monday, March 2 at 9/8 CT on Logo to watch the next season of RuPaul’s Drag Race then check out WOW Presents on Tuesday morning at 9 EST for Untucked in a new format. Let us know what you think, there are so many changes so far, how do you like it?