We’d like to take a moment to welcome you back to live shows and let you know we’ll be going to the shows and recording again. During the pandemic we had a bit of difficulty doing so, as we all have. But we feel we’re at a place where we are able to visit specific shows with health and safety in mind. We are a bit limited to location, but feel free to reach out to us for an invitation to your show and have it showcased on this site.

Additionally, we’re officially launching our shopping marketplace and would like to hear from vendors who sell drag merchandise. If you sell wigs, makeup, outfits, or anything that brings drag to the world, we want to hear from you too! We’d love to have your products and services showcased on the site.

Finally, we are working on the social media side again and would love to hear from you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Who should we showcase, who do you want to see more of, and who are you looking for?

Thank you so much for keeping Drag Queens Galore going for the past 7 years!