So what’s up with the house arrest?

If you’re on this planet… which we haven’t quite made our viewership on Mars yet, so you must be… then you’re probably home for a while and quite possibly bored out of your mind!

Well never fear, Drag Queens are here… well, not here because the social distancing thing, but you know, they’re in your “living room” thanks to all the streaming shows!

We’re so excited that everyone has made adjustments and figured out how to “brings it to you every [where]”

We’d love to help any and all drag performers during this time. We know we sent out the notification on social media that we’re reposting all performers who share their Venmo/CashApp/PayPal info in the comments of their posts that tag @dragqueensgalore on Instagram. But please feel free to share YouTube videos, Twitter Tweets, Facebook Posts, and anything else we can share.

If you’re a fan, please tip what you can… $1, $2, $20, whatever, it all helps and they are being creative, so please make sure you share with friends, family, enemies, dogs, whatever!