Some more great news in light of all the weird news we’ve seen lately. There is a hero amongst us and her name is Zoe Tobocman also known as @truffleandbass on Instagram. She is the creator of the “Queens in Need” GoFundMe page.

She loves drag… as she and everyone should… and wanted to help out those who have been affected by not being able to perform for their audiences and subsequently not having enough money for their needs. As “they” say, “it costs a lot to look this cheap”.

Enter the QUEENS IN NEED GoFundMe page which she has promised to donate 100% of the proceeds to the drag queens who apply for assistance. Apparently she works better than unemployment or other government agencies in her quick response and qualifications.

Make sure you share the link to the GoFundMe page so we can get more visibility and CLICK HERE for the application.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO ZOE TOBOCMAN/@truffleandbass for creating this and NATALIE RENEE@dragenthusiast for partnering with us on getting the word out.

As an added bonus, Drag Queens Galore is donating a $25 Amazon Gift Card at random selection to one of the generous donors to the GoFundMe