21 Nov

Fan Questions Answered By @Joslyn_Fox

We asked you to ask her and she answered.

Katie P #Cher Crew (@Katiep2249) – What is the best thing that has happened to you since you have been on Drag Race?10401874_10152163325604135_6713633809541294229_n
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Doing drag for a living and getting to travel and I really love the meet and greet. I love to perform but I really live for those moments to meet the fans.

Natalia Oliveri(@noliveri73) – How did you come up with your signature catchphrase “Keep it foxy”?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – That was when we did the talk show challenge and we had to do a sign off. Ru came around in the work room and she checked us all and said, “so what’s your sign off gonna be?” And I said, “Oh you remember when Carol Burnett would tug her ear to say she loved her mom?” Ru asked, “so how are you going to tell your mom you love her?” and I said, “I’m gonna say, ‘until next time keep it foxy'” and I did the double lift of my right tit.

Addison AaronBadesha (@addicash) – Serious drag queen here in the making, just one thing: WHERE DO I START? Please help.
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Don’t try to be anyone else, be yourself and stay true to yourself.

Liam Fergeus (@Liam_Fergeus – Are there any queens that inspire you? Especially from this season?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – When I was 18 I used to go to this amatuer drag show in Boston and Jujubee won the contest. Jujubee came up to me and I told her, “now I know what I want to do… I saw that and said, that’s what I want to do.” Then she was on Drag Race and came back to Worcester and remembered the interaction.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – What have you been up to since?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Traveling around performing in different clubs.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – How did you first get started into drag? Who’s your role model & who inspires you?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – I was trying to get into DJing and I always had a lot of fun djing and had a lot of gigs at a lot of different clubs. I used to love going to straight clubs because they’d play a mixture of hip-hop and dance…. I did a lot of old school, so I had a really diverse crowd. Then I was djing the drag show and lip syncing to the songs and the host suggested I do drag. So I was DJing in drag and having someone fill in, so I did that for a while. Then it got put on hold for Drag Race, but I kinda want to do a Nina Flowers style.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Can we see wedding ring?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Patrick doesn’t have a wedding ring yet because the wedding on the reunion was Joslyn’s so there is some costume jewelry she always wears on her ring finger.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – How’s hubby & did you have a honeymoon?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Andre is doing well, back to work as he’s used up all his vacation time to travel around the country for the premiers and finales. Their honeymoon will be spent on the Al & Chuck Drag Stars At Sea. (Click here to book with Joslyn and enjoy the honeymoon with them!)

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Who’s your favorite clothing designer & do you do fashion week modeling?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – I love going dress shopping, Jovani makes my favorite dresses. I don’t have one yet, but that’s my dream. She doesn’t do modeling as Joslyn, she used to do boy modeling, but she’d love to.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Do you have any pets? What kind?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Yes, three dogs

Dragbook.com (@dragbook) – What’s the craziest number you’ve ever done? The one gig that makes you go, “Holy shit I did that!”?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – There are plenty on Drag Race. The one I got the most flack for, there were two, the animal kingdom realness one and the crazy sexy cool, were two of my favorites and they were two of the most hated… I tend to take things too literally…[she quoted Drop Dead Gorgeous, “I think I misunderstood the challenge”] when they gave us the box of things, I assumed we were supposed to use as much stuff as possible.

Tylers Voice For Hope (@tylersvoice2you) – Has she been on the Ellen show?
Joslyn Fox (@Joslyn_Fox) – Not yet, but I’d love to!

Once again, we can’t thank Joslyn (Patrick) enough for taking time out of her busy work schedule to speak with us and give us so much insight into the the inner workings of the kindest soul on the planet. We absolutely had a blast and look forward to what you have in store for the future. All clubs should book this wonderful queen, she brings the show and the fans LOVE her. Contact booking@joslynfox.com to get her booked in a club near you. Be sure to get your Joslyn Fox T-Shirts at joslynfox.com and keep an eye out for staring with Bianca in Hurricane Bianca, CLICK HERE to help fund the movie.



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