As many of you know, we had the great privilege of meeting the wonderful, kind and cute Joslyn Fox and speaking with her for an interview. What you might not know is the interview went much longer than expected and we covered so much stuff we thought we’d break down the conversation into pieces. We thought we’d start with the beautiful relationship between her and her husband Andre.

The love story of Patrick Joslyn more commonly known as Joslyn Fox and Andre Girouard is a beautiful one, reflective of a “typical lesbian” relationship they dated for a few months and then Joslyn moved in and they’ve been together for 6 years, 4 of which they were engaged. But the impromptu wedding at the reunion, has a story of its own. The original plan was for Joslyn to surprise Andre with the wedding, but no sooner had she spoken with producers and shared the “secret” with Andre than they decided they didn’t have the time to include it. So Joslyn went on with life and didn’t think anything of it, literally up to and including when Andre was the next one to ask a fan question.

Andre was in touch with the producers the entire time and able to hide it from Joslyn by adding the producer as “Dad” into his phone. Being trusting as she is, she did notice Andre’s “Dad” was calling him way more than usual, but believed him when he said everything was fine. Andre is normally such a shy person, Joslyn can’t even bring him to the stage for songs she’s dedicating to him, so she never would have thought he’d be able to get into the spotlight in such a manner. When he got up to read the fan question she thought “Andre, now is not the time to go to the bathroom, the camera’s right there!” And when he went toward the microphone she thought, “you’re going the wrong way, the bathroom is back there!” He got up and asked to get married then participated in the wedding all in front of a live audience and later aired on national television and she’s so proud of him for doing so.

She told us about all the clues she missed including the crew looking for flowers, Joslyn told the crew, “I’ll help you look for the flowers!” They had to tell her she couldn’t, but she was so happy for them when they found the flowers she said, “oh, I’m so glad they found the flowers,” on her way to the stage. She did admit she wished she had been better able to process the wedding when it was happening, but she did feel a little freaked out because she’s such a control freak and had no control over what was happening.

As far as married life goes, it’s the same as before the wedding, but that was always great. They have mutual respect for each other and Andre even manages Joslyn. Although he can’t unhook a bra, he does help her prepare for her performances. We wish them all the happiness in the world. 2014-11-13 17-25-15