No better effort has been made than that of Victoria “Pork Chop” Parker for another chance at RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Who can blame her, eliminated on the first episode of the first season can’t sit well for any queen.  She’s definitely making a name for herself on social media with the multiple mentions of her desire to be on All Stars.

Is there a “fan favorite” for All Stars nomination? We know Mama Ru likes to do things her way and it’s always ultimately up to her. She lets us think we have a say in it, which is where all the “Vote for Pork Chop” campaigning comes from.

But can an independent website polling their own fans give RuPaul the answers to her casting of All Stars 2? Or does it come from somewhere else?

Either way, no queen has made her quest for All Stardom more known than our little Pork Chop and we wish her the best of luck as she works her way to fan favorite among the best of them.

Pork Chop