@Carmen_Carrera, @TheeDeltaWork, @sutanamrull & @manillaluzo make up “The Heathers.”  The group of drag queens became very close and named themselves “Heathers,” based on the late 80’s movie named as such.

“Heathers” released in 1988, the movie is about a group of mean girls all named Heather and a new girl named Veronica who’s trying to fit in.  But Veronica decides with the help of her dark boyfriend, J.D. “If you can’t join them, kill them.”

Since “The Heathers” movie was basically all about bitches who pretend to like each other but would ultimately throw the other under the bus for personal gain, the Season 3 Drag Queens thought it was the perfect name for the group.  They named anyone not in the group “The Boogers.”

We can’t wait for a remake with the beautiful ladies of “The Heathers” from RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3. This photo is beautiful!