From Jujubee posing with a young cross dressing little boy at pride, to Bianca Del Rio making a film about discrimination in the workplace, Drag Queens are definitely making an impact on our culture more than ever before. But we read something so disturbing recently that we had to share. There’s an article out there saying that women are trying to look like drag queens to attract men and that gay men have a secret agenda to get all the eligible black men from the straight women.

The article talks about the gay friends of straight women getting advice to adjust their look, walk and mannerisms to be more like drag queens. Every person has his/her own choice to follow whatever trend they feel and the article disturbed us so much we had to write about it. It’s called “The ‘Dragging’ down of the Black Woman’s Image” and we have a few things to say.

First, drag queens are among the strongest people in the world. Having the courage to step outside in a dress with makeup and heels is hard for a woman and 100 times more difficult as a man. The judgement and ridicule that comes along with any look can break someone’s self esteem. But drag queens turn into super women who are admired and paid to perform in front of crowds.  When in front of an audience, any performer is subject to criticism, but drag queens are not just performers, they’re also men dressed as over the top women.

Next, not all drag queens are gay, so to say there’s some gay agenda with drag to get all the black men away from the black women, doesn’t make much sense if there are straight drag queens. What would be their agenda? True there aren’t a lot of straight drag queens, but they’re out there.

Also, the gay men that did have to come out as gay have struggled with being judged for being gay AND being a drag queen to their friends and family. It’s not a struggle for all, but those who have struggled are strong and understand rejection, pain and sadness for being who they are. But to think they’re using their sexuality to mess up the heterosexual world is ridiculous. There are plenty of eligible gay men around for them to not need to have an agenda.

Drag queens are advocates for so many causes, they get their fans to support good causes and give back to the community.  The classic gay men and straight women friendship is a relationship like any other.  Friendship involves support, love, honesty and trust.

Not to mention, if someone is trying to look like a drag queen, that would be their own choice. It’s no wonder someone would like to look like a drag queen right now, drag is the “in” thing right now. With RuPaul’s Drag Race and Drag Queens Of London being it’s more popular than ever. But drag and gays have been around for ages, wouldn’t the agenda have been put into place much sooner?

We’re really happy to see drag is getting more mainstream and that the roles have been reversed, women are now dressing as their drag counterparts. It should be taken as a compliment on both ends.  We’re really just upset that anyone would see the beautiful art of drag as some sort of agenda to “level the playing field.” Congratulations drag queens, you’re a threat!