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11 Sep

American Apparel Queens @Alaska5000, @CourtneyAct & @WillamBelli

Congrats to the Ru Girls for being part of the AA team!

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Alaska is an alien and recording artist from the planet Glamtr0n. No one knows her age or species. She was discovered on Earth almost 60 years ago with only a 1972 issue of Vanity Fair and a can of Tab. Alaska cites Divine and Marilyn Monroe as her biggest influences. #AmericanApparel #SupportArtists #SupportEthicalManufacturing @americanapparelusa
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Courtney is from Sydney, Australia but currently resides in West Hollywood. She enjoys success as a pop singer and has toured around the world with her live show. She cites Oprah Winfrey as her religious leader and keeps a gratitude journal in her honor. Courtney’s hobbies include yoga, meditation, Burning Man and go-go dancing. Her favorite color is rainbow. #AmericanApparel #SupportArtists #SupportEthicalManufacturingFollowing
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Willam is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He didn’t get into college, but he’s really good at the internet. He’s achieved viral success from his satirical music videos (such as “Boy Is A Bottom”) on YouTube. Willam loves to make people giggle inappropriately and his favorite style of ours is the Cheetah Print High Cut One-Piece. #AmericanApparel #SupportArtists #SupportEthicalManufacturing #nyfwFollowing
03 Aug

RuPauls BOTS Reunites @AdoreDelano And @TheBiancaDelRio Among Others

Adore has posted on Twitter, “I miss Bianca, Courtney & Darienne,” referring to her Season 6 cast mates, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act & Darienne Lake. The final four who made it to the making of the video shoot together. Well RuPaul’s Battle of The Seasons (BOTS) brought her friends and more back together. Take a look.

Courtney, Pandora, Adore, Rhea

Adore & Bianca

Adore Bianca Courtney

Bianca & Adore 1

Bianca & Adore 2

Jiggly Bianca

Alyssa Adore

Darienne Rhea

Pandora Boxx, Courtney Act, Adore Delano, Rhea Litre