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13 Jan

Morgan McMichaels Feels The Overwhelming Support

Morgan traveled to Australia earlier this month and in an effort to bring the children a Lipsync worth Living for, she hurt her ankle pretty horribly. She was laid up without any friends or family and was so charming, the hospitality staff of the hotel and the crew at the club went above and beyond to help her. Doctors told her it wasn’t a break initially, but she seriously hurt ligaments, but later they found the break and put herĀ into a cast. While she was happy to finally know what was wrong and get herself fixed up as best as possible.

The doctor visits obviously come at a hefty price and being in a foreign country, made paying these fees even more difficult. She did ask for help in a heart-felt video that brought tears to her eyes. The tears weren’t shed without reaction, Morgan’s spent all these years “giving it to the children” and being kind and caring, her fans and friends returned the love by meeting her goal of $5,000 within 3 days of the GoFundMe campaign‘s start. The campaign started by her Season 2 sister and noted “enemy” turned very close friend Mystique Summers Madison.

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Not only did noted queens like, Chi Chi LaRue, Ethylina Canne, Veronika Electronika, and new Drag Race sister from Season 7, Mrs. Kasha Davis take the time to donate, her cast members and the clubs that host her shows have teamed up for a benefit show. This show should help Morgan recover all she’s lost from being unexpectedly out of work this entire time. She has regular spots at the Executive Suite in Long Beach, where the event is being held, but Hamburger Mary’s Long Beach and Toucans in Palm Springs and they’ve all partnered up to bring prizes and fun for people to win. Not only do you get a great cast, but you get to win prizes too! Thursday is the big day, check it out!

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