03 Dec

Showgirls At Micky’s In West Hollywood Lives Up To Legendary Standards

Anyone familiar with the drag scene in West Hollywood knows Showgirls at Micky’s is the place to be on Monday nights. You’re guaranteed to see a DragDSCN2620 Race superstar or two supported by a cast of outstanding performers. Our visit was no exception, we were privileged to see Raven and Morgan McMichaels again. It was really nice of them to remember us from previous performances in different cities. Their performances were, as to be expected, wonderful and their makeup and outfits perfect. These two know their characters and dress and paint to them perfectly.

DSCN2605The supporting cast this week consisted of Eddie DeBarr, a drag queen who performed a lounge show parody of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” mixed with Khia’s “My Neck, My Back.” This performance was hilarious because it’s all in a male voice, but there is narration to “Just Dance” that really makes you pay attention to the words of the song. Eddie was terrifically hilarious and it was a great way to show off a unique side of drag. ┬áCheck out Eddie’s video of this performance by CLICKING HERE.

Showgirls imported Miss Cassandra Moore from Toronto, who’s teased by Morgan McMichaels about being so overweight (she’s not at all, so don’t get all upset).DSCN2690 She had a good ‘ol time during her performances, running across the stage and sharing one of the fishiest looks we’ve seen. She worked it out and brought all the boys to the stage with all that money.

Mystic Befierce-Miller was also performing and if you’re wondering if she’s a Befierce or Miller, SHE’S BOTH! So that’s double the family genes she has to live up to. She didn’t disappoint and if you thought she might, her second number included the dynamic duoDSCN2707drag dance team, Barbies Addiction! The choreography and energy of the performers supercharged the audience and the splits, death drops and anything that brings the screams to the crowd were non-stop!

Tony and Raven, your hosts are a comedic combination of fun. Between getting to know the audience as theDSCN2724 warm up to the show to the birthday blow job shots, these two ensure you have a great time. This cast changes weekly, so be sure to check the calendar, make reservations and bring those dollar bills, because these queens bring it!!

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