Last night premiered the newest project for RuPaul, “Skin Wars” on the Game Show Network. RuPaul’s Drag Race fans eagerly awaited seeing their favorite host in a new capacity. We definitely saw a slightly different side of her that we rarely saw during Drag Race. Introduced as the final judge to the 10 contestants the crowd went wild. They knew there would be “industry” judges which were Craig Tracy and Robin Solnina, but RuPaul, introduced by host, Rebecca Romijn as “someone who knows a lot about transformations,” seemed to come as an exciting surprise.

We saw the same type of scramble for a primary challenge then the main challenge. The difference was a side of RuPaul that seemed to be a lot more no-nonsense than when she is on her own show. She didn’t want to see tears, she didn’t want any excuses and she was not backing down. It was not Mama Ru, it was RuPaul Charles and you betta work! Clearly Ru understands the similarities and differences between this show and her own. The prize package is the same, the layout is the same, but the art is different, people are using other people’s bodies to get this done. There are no parts of the artists anatomy being contorted and Rebecca Romijn is not a judge, just a commentator.

All in all, it’s an entertaining show, it probably appeals more to the “Face Off” audience than the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” audience. But if you love transformations and you love the honest critiques of judges, stay tuned we see a lot of fun coming with this show. And it’s a way to pass the time while we wait eagerly for RuPaul to “bring back [our] girls,” with Season 7.

skin wars