Hey all, we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. We wanted to do something special this week just so you know we’re here for you and we’re happy you chose to share some special time with us during this hectic part of the year. We’re pointing out some of our Holiday Heroes this year because we know it’s not an easy time of the year for a lot of folks out there and we wanted to get the word out about those who are doing something nice.

10858431_873917289319396_83066308555328663_nFirst up, Pollo Del Mar, of course! This year, as she’s done for almost ten years now, she is hosting a Christmas party at her home. Those of you who know Pollo from her makeup tutorials, Huffington Post articles, shows and personal interviews, know she’s got a great big…. ass. But she’s also got a huge heart. One of the kindest queens around. But don’t mistake that kindness for weakness, she will read you the house down in a heartbeat, but it’s out of love… yeah, love.

Along with her month long run of The Golden Girls with Heklina, Cookie Dough and Matthew Martin and friends every week, Thursday through Sunday, Pollo has kept up her weekly show, The GlamaZone at The Cafe in San Francisco which features the hottest queens of the bay area and beyond. All this while sucking up all the rain that managed to sneak into her home during the “storms” of San Francisco 2014. “Storm Watch,” was definitely on at her house.

Well, despite the fact that this Thursday will be the first Thursday Pollo’s had “off” in a month or so, she’s asked friends, family, even acquaintances to “come on over”so no one is alone on Christmas. She shared her intimate story of one lonely Christmas that sparked the whole event which has grown from 9 attendees to over 50 last year. Check out the full story here.

Thank you Pollo, you’re truly a Holiday Hero! We love you and wish you the very best this season and every day that follows!

If you know someone who’s doing a nice thing for the community, share with us by commenting below. We’d love to hear about it.