22 Dec

Holiday Heroes – Margaret Cho (@MargaretCho)

Hey all, we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. We wanted to do something special this week just so you know we’re here for you and we’re happy you chose to share some special time with us during this hectic part of the year. We’re pointing out some of our Holiday Heroes this year because we know it’s not an easy time of the year for a lot of folks out there and we wanted to get the word out about those who are doing something nice.

Margaret ChoThe next Holiday Hero, none other than Margaret Cho! While we know, Margaret is not a drag queen and is technically out of our scope, we are breaking the rules because well, we made the rules! Margaret gets a very special shout out from us for her #BeRobin campaign. If you haven’t heard about it (please read more than just the bad stuff on your Facebook and Twitter feeds) it’s a campaign to get help to the homeless folks of San Francisco and around the world.

Margaret could not get over the loss of her friend Robin Williams earlier this year and a friend of hers, Michael Pritchard told her “don’t mourn Robin, be Robin.” To her this meant get to work helping the homeless people who Robin Williams insisted be cast in his films (this was his way of helping the homeless). So Margaret was inspired to get people together to help the homeless by raising awareness with fundraising events, getting donations from toilet paper, socks and feminine product companies and even getting hair cuts from salons and giving the homeless food, drink, clothes and whatever money is raised during events. The smallest of efforts, including a hug and some words of encouragement Margaret gives out mean so much to those who are less fortunate and struggling to stay alive and warm during this one of the rainiest winters in San Francisco history.

But what’s more, Margaret encourages people to do this in their own cities. Margaret is but one person with an incredibly large audience, she’s asked us all to do what we can to help those who aren’t as fortunate as we are. We have found it simple to go to the local Target store in the $1 bin and buy hand warmers. While it’s not a lot, the homeless people we’ve shared these with have been extremely grateful. We applaud Margaret Cho and thank her for her efforts to #BeRobin. For more on her #BeRobin campaign click here. You are truly a Holiday Hero!

If you know someone who’s doing a nice thing for the community, share with us by commenting below. We’d love to hear about it.

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