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29 Dec

Pollo Del Mar’s GlamaZone Gets Project Runway Visit From Mondo Guerra! (@LoveMondoTrasho)

If you don’t know, now you know. The GlamaZone is the place to be on Sunday night in San Francisco. When names like Mondo Guerra, the runner up of Project Runway’s eighth season and winner of Project Runway All Stars, come up in audience attendance you know there’s something there for the fashion forward crowd. So be sure to be there every Sunday so you don’t miss out on a celebrity citing!

From Left: Au Jus, Pollo Del Mar, Mondo Guerra, Khmera Rouge & Shanelle Rivera

22 Dec

Holiday Heroes – Pollo Del Mar (@TheGlamazonPDM)

Hey all, we hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season. We wanted to do something special this week just so you know we’re here for you and we’re happy you chose to share some special time with us during this hectic part of the year. We’re pointing out some of our Holiday Heroes this year because we know it’s not an easy time of the year for a lot of folks out there and we wanted to get the word out about those who are doing something nice.

10858431_873917289319396_83066308555328663_nFirst up, Pollo Del Mar, of course! This year, as she’s done for almost ten years now, she is hosting a Christmas party at her home. Those of you who know Pollo from her makeup tutorials, Huffington Post articles, shows and personal interviews, know she’s got a great big…. ass. But she’s also got a huge heart. One of the kindest queens around. But don’t mistake that kindness for weakness, she will read you the house down in a heartbeat, but it’s out of love… yeah, love.

Along with her month long run of The Golden Girls with Heklina, Cookie Dough and Matthew Martin and friends every week, Thursday through Sunday, Pollo has kept up her weekly show, The GlamaZone at The Cafe in San Francisco which features the hottest queens of the bay area and beyond. All this while sucking up all the rain that managed to sneak into her home during the “storms” of San Francisco 2014. “Storm Watch,” was definitely on at her house.

Well, despite the fact that this Thursday will be the first Thursday Pollo’s had “off” in a month or so, she’s asked friends, family, even acquaintances to “come on over”so no one is alone on Christmas. She shared her intimate story of one lonely Christmas that sparked the whole event which has grown from 9 attendees to over 50 last year. Check out the full story here.

Thank you Pollo, you’re truly a Holiday Hero! We love you and wish you the very best this season and every day that follows!

If you know someone who’s doing a nice thing for the community, share with us by commenting below. We’d love to hear about it.

07 Jun

More with Pollo Del Mar (@TheGlamazonPDM)

In our next segment on the gloriously fabulous and unbelievably kind Pollo Del Mar, we talked about her experience with RuPaul’s Drag Race.  She told us she’s auditioned every year prior to season 7 and “they don’t want me.”  The closest she came to being on the show was when she was in the top 10 fan favorites for season 2.  Jessica Wild went on to star on the show, but she said the experience definitely changed her.  She met some of the future seasons’ stars like Mimi ImfurstPandora Boxx and Jujubee, who remembered Pollo as being “on that website against each other.”

She admits she knows why she wasn’t cast when looking back on her audition videos and is grateful that she wasn’t cast due to the dramatic change in her overall look.  She’s glad she didn’t go down in Drag Race Herstory with her former look.

As for this season, the requirements were just more than this busy lady has time to complete.  Being a regular contributor to the Huffington Post Blog, hosting The GlamaZONE at The Café in San Francisco, creating “educational” YouTube videos on her very popular channel and being the proud parent of two beautiful pups doesn’t leave much time for a 40 hour project, which is what it would have taken to create and submit the video for this season. She also said she’d have to get in and out of drag about 30 times!


She also said she really didn’t feel it was the right choice for her anymore.  She really has built up her fan base and has catered her performance to her audience.  She felt it might not be a good idea to have her whole life put out there.  Despite the financial advantages being on TV provides.  “It’s scary, the idea of having somebody turn my life into reality TV.”

We asked her about the statement made by Honey Mahogany during Season 5 that San Francisco was “not about the look.” She said the statement is true, but out of context.  She explained that San Francisco drag is very eclectic and as a result, San Francisco doesn’t judge your drag on a specific look like pageant or camp.

Honey’s statement alone explains Pollo’s point, you never know what the editors will show and what will last in the audience’s mind.  Although, if the world got to know Ms. Pollo Del Mar as we have, they’d be in love.  She’s really a compassionate person who admits, if in a competition, she’d do what she had to and the nice side would probably go out the window.  “There’s $100,000 on the line” explains it all.

In our next segment we’ll cover the fan questions, so stay tuned! Oh and we’ll have more news on what’s next for Pollo and some additional pictures of the beautiful queen.