Melissa Rivers made a statement just minutes ago that her mother has indeed passed away. We at Drag Queens Galore as are all her family, friends and fans are devastated with this news. We wish her family all the best during this difficult time. Please feel free to send in some of your favorite Joan moments as we reflect on Joan’s career.

One of our first memories was of Joan’s voice of Dot Matrix on Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs. She used her legendary line “can we talk?” But more so one of the first drag shows we ever saw had a Joan Rivers impersonator. Joan was known as one of the most impersonated personalities among the ranks of Cher, Bette, Liza and Madonna.

We salute the queen of comedy, she was legendary before her passing and we know she’ll be making everyone in the afterlife laugh. She’ll also be the fashion police in the afterlife so watch what you wear when you’re up there.