08 Dec

Time Capsule Vote On RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7

Every year we hear, “you were my favorite from the beginning,” and it’s the winner or top 3. We’d like to challenge you to not only take a survey, but leave a comment and let us know who your vote goes to. Use your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram handler to identify yourself and see if your winner “from the beginning” is the winner in April. Share this with your friends to see who picked the winner. If you pick the winner, we’ll give YOU the chance at a cash prize of $100 dollars. So choose wisely and may the best fan win!

screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 18-41-41
Miss Fame
screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 19-05-43
Kasha Davis
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-48-17
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-50-40
screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 18-42-20
Ginger Minj
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-50-07
Sasha Belle
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-49-31
Jasmine Masters
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-48-45
Kennedy Davenport
screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 18-40-41
screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 18-43-26
Jaidynn Diore Fierce
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-45-27
Tempest DuJour
screenshot-insidetv.ew.com 2014-12-07 18-47-38
Trixie Mattel
screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 18-39-28
Violet Chachki
screenshot-www.logotv.com 2014-12-07 18-38-04
Kandy Ho

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