The drag world has been blessed by the gawds with the talents of Lacey Noel. She’s what’s called a Bio Queen normally as she dresses up in costumes with wigs and10524557_779398752112311_5562893561849903317_n exaggerated makeup but when she dresses up as the various queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race she calls it “Faux because I’m not really those people.” Which is funny because the queens aren’t actually those people either! Lacey took time out of her busy schedule to speak with us about her project and answer some questions.

1937487_811473438904842_1292868822151505788_nLacey may only be 17 years old but the life she’s lived already has been quite the journey. She was born with a rare blood disorder that had her in the hospital as an infant dealing with a bone marrow transplant and chemo-therapy, which has lowered her immune system and increased her chances of getting sick or hurting herself. She was lucky enough to get a bone marrow match from a total stranger. Against all odds, she’s defied medicine and thrived into the glorious person she’s become.

She is very close to her mother Missy, who had Lacey in her teen years and grew up quickly having to deal with a child with so many health issues. Having this relationship has probably been the biggest reason Lacey is so mature and grateful. Lacey has a great appreciation of life after all she’s been through and she hasn’t wasted any time getting to what she considers a career.

Lacey credits the remake of Hairspray and To Wong Fu for piquing her interest in drag. Admitting she watched Hairspray every day which was what inspired the look she has now which started at 10 years old. Her style is very 60’s inspired every day and she gets 10733904_755371071165550_659739596166192618_ocomments from people about how she dresses. She also loves Austin Powers (yeah baby) which attests to more 60’s love from Lacey.

Project Faux Drag began with Lacey imitating BenDeLaCreme which she said was easy to do because her mother Missy was already doing pinup photos for her business. She’s since done Manila Luzon, Bianca Del Rio, Tammie Brown, Sharon Needles, Alyssa Edwards, Adore Delano, Alaska Thunderfuck, Detox Icunt, and Courtney Act, who is Lacey’s drag mother. Detox and Courtney loaned Lacey items to help her recreate their memorable looks. Check out the entire album here.

10351247_814871161898403_4082923528156014417_nLacey shared with us that she’d like to get to the point where she is able to showcase her work in a gallery but she needs to do another 10 queens or so to get that done. We have no doubt she’ll reach her goal since she’s already on the who’s who of the West Hollywood drag scene. Her recent acceptance into the World of Wonder family which at press has not been officially aired, will explode her popularity and continue to grow.

Check out Lacey’s YouTube channel to enjoy the fun she’s had with queens and be sure to follow her on Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook┬áto see what else she’s working on. This young lady will be rocking the looks of your favorite Drag Race queens.