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03 Aug

RuPauls BOTS Reunites @AdoreDelano And @TheBiancaDelRio Among Others

Adore has posted on Twitter, “I miss Bianca, Courtney & Darienne,” referring to her Season 6 cast mates, Bianca Del Rio, Courtney Act & Darienne Lake. The final four who made it to the making of the video shoot together. Well RuPaul’s Battle of The Seasons (BOTS) brought her friends and more back together. Take a look.

Courtney, Pandora, Adore, Rhea

Adore & Bianca

Adore Bianca Courtney

Bianca & Adore 1

Bianca & Adore 2

Jiggly Bianca

Alyssa Adore

Darienne Rhea

Pandora Boxx, Courtney Act, Adore Delano, Rhea Litre

03 Jul

Confessions Of A Drag Best Friendship By @PhiPhiOHara

“I often want to punch her in the face and sometimes I even dream of gently pushing her down a few flights of stairs and record it just because I want to create the perfect GIF…..but in all seriousness I love this bissssssh!!!” – Phi Phi O’Hara via Instagram

Jiggly girl, if you ever get pushed down some stairs we know it was Phi Phi, if there’s a GIF, we’ll be sure to share it though, after we finish laughing!