The press conference should be on the news this evening for all to see, but Bebe Sweetbriar, one of today’s meeting attendees had the following statement for the fans waiting for news:

“I know many of you are waiting with baited breath on the outcome of the Facebook meeting, and I can say the result we hoped for: acknowledgement by Facebook that the real name policy is flawed and needs to be changed; that a timeline to correct the policy needs to be set; that an interim plan needs to be put into place to stop further lock outs until a permanent solution is put into action; and more: we did not walk away with. However, FACEBOOK did acknowledge that they want to work with the community to find ways that the existing policy works for everybody and is not disproportionally harmful to anyone…… So, we are waiting for another meeting date that would include people from FACEBOOK that can actually make some decisions at the table. In the meantime, all of you out there who are able and willing to go through with a protest need to be prepared to mobilize if the matter at hand doesn’t move forward at a pace of urgency. The 2pm press conference should be on every local news station for they were ALL present at City Hall. David Campos Campaign Headquarters, Michael Williams, Steven Heklina Grygelkoand others spoke eloquently to the press about the Facebook meeting. The tight us far from over ‪#‎MyNameis‬ ‪#‎BeBeSweetbriar‬.”