We at Drag Queens Galore know there are opinions. We know everyone has something to say about someone. But we as admirers of drag feel it’s not our place to call people names. We don’t do drag personally and don’t have the right to call anyone be it straight, gay, drag or real a bitch. We celebrate drag in all its glitz. So we have a lot of shout outs to those we know and love, particularly during this Facebook Hate time.

Shout out to Honey Mahogany, Sharon Needles and all those affected so far in the “real name” witch hunt. During this strange time of validating who people are, we understand, Facebook pages are not what gets the message out. While we understand who you are is a business, it should be your own choice if you want your profile to be who you identify as or not.

We will never insult you, we’ll make jokes with you, but never call you a bitch. We have met you all and have not yet met a “bitch!” You all promote each other, no matter what. We’re glad for your sisterhood and hope the love remains forever!