30 Aug

Pollo Del Mar’s Labor Day Kick Off Bash With @MorganMcMichael, @TheeeDeltaWork, @RavenHunty & @TheOnlyMayhem

San Jose’s Splash Bar hosted the beginning of several celebrations DSCN1135 in the San Francisco Bay Area this Labor Day Weekend. Pollo Del Mar, San Francisco’s own drag socialite, emceed and performed with an all star lineup. The crowd’s energy is always kept up with Miss Pollo at the helm. She was quick witted while hosting and partially naked by the end of the show with the heat in the club running so hot. We always enjoy a performance by Pollo.

While Mayhem has not been on RuPaul’s Drag Race… yet, her look, performance and audience engagement DSCN1235was that of a “Drag Race” caliber. She’s got some great stage presence and demands attention. She used the entire stage and went into the crowd. While on the stage she’s got some dance and lip sync skills that convince you she’s the live performer.

Delta Work, from Season 3 and a member of The Heathers, took us to church. Delta’s lip sync to a mixture of music and movies truly showcases how great a lip syncer she is. She also showed how empty “The Book” can be… so we filled itDSCN1245 with money because you know, money fixes everything! Her looks were creative and original and her makeup was flawless! She even told people to hold on to their tips to buy themselves a drink.

Seeing Raven from Season 2 and All Stars again and again can never get old. She’s flawless, her look, her seductive performance, you know she DSCN1191knows she’s got it. She stuck her ass in the audience’s face without a care in the world. The crowd was putting money all over her body suit. The New Pony Club, “Ice Cream” version she chose had that mellow feel to it, while we prefer the Van She remix, add Raven to the mix and it amps up the feeling so much. Raven is so fierce, she got Pollo to take a shot… Pollo doesn’t drink, but how do you say no to Raven?

Rounding out the epic night was Morgan McMichaels. While her and Raven mixed up their performance order DSCN1201between the two sets, we left her for last because we had the most to say about her. Morgan’s first number, Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” was perfect. She had the look, the outfit and the attitude. In and out of the crowd, taking a fan’s phone to help better video her performance, Morgan had no fear or inhibitions. Her second time up, the DJ hit the wrong song, but Morgan performed anyway, we didn’t even know it was wrong until Pollo mentioned something and apologized. After the show, Morgan was out in the crowd taking pictures talking with fans. She truly embraced and appreciates her fans.

We had a blast and frankly we were a little overwhelmed with joy at seeing and spending time with these queens! LA to the Bay all day! True class acts and we look forward to seeing everyone perform again on Sunday at the Sacramento Rainbow Festival. If you’re not following all of these ladies, you’re missing out.


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