26 Jan

Just In: Cookie Dough Headed Home To San Francisco

Pollo has updated us with great news! Cookie is coming home!

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“After days of effort, practically around-the-clock, we — as a community — have done it! Cookie Dough is on her way home to San Francisco!!!!!

As we have already revealed most of the incredibly intimate details of this struggle, it seems only fitting that we allow each of you to share in the final moments of our harrowing journey as our beloved Cookie & her devoted husband Michael exit the hospital.

From there, they were whisked off to a waiting plane which will return them both to San Francisco. A bed at Kaiser awaits her, as do literally thousands of adoring well-wishers.

While her battle is far from over, we here in Puerta Vallarta heave a collective sigh of relief knowing our friend, cast mate & sister will receive the absolute best care possible, with an all new army of foot-soldiers prepared to continue this ongoing fight.”

Check out the video HERE.

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