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10 Feb

Cookie Dough Tribute By Alaska Thunderfuck

The loss of Cookie Dough has affected more than just the San Francisco community, Drag Race finalist, Alaska Thunderfuck spent a summer in the city and obviously the impact Cookie Dough had was profound enough to dedicate a number to her when performing in San Francisco for the BOTS tour.


30 Jan

In Loving Memory Of Cookie Dough

The San Francisco drag community has been shocked to the core with the recent loss of the beloved Cookie Dough (Eddie Bell) who passed away last night due to complications from Meningitis at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco.  She was 51 years old and all who loved her agree, she’s gone far too soon. There are many articles and a lot of social media talk about Cookie Dough’s affect on the Drag Community, but all the stories begin with, “I got my start at Cookie Dough’s show” and end with, “I wouldn’t be where I am now without her giving me a chance and encouraging me.”

Admittedly, we were not close with Cookie and had only a few interactions with her, but those interactions were lovely and made a lasting impression on our feelings for who seems like the drag mother of San Francisco. But we are proud to know we had the opportunity to meet her and see her perform a handful of times. We want everyone who has been affected by this terrible tragedy, especially Michael Chu, her partner of 14 years, to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

For more details on the loss, please visit SFist.com and please enjoy this video we took of Cookie Dough’s performance at Pollo Del Mar’s 4th Anniversary show of The Glamazone. May we take the torch of love and caring that Cookie Dough has now passed on to us and spread it throughout the community. Cookie would have wanted it that way.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yHNX0b3qCI]

26 Jan

Just In: Cookie Dough Headed Home To San Francisco

Pollo has updated us with great news! Cookie is coming home!

screenshot-www.facebook.com 2015-01-26 00-40-13

“After days of effort, practically around-the-clock, we — as a community — have done it! Cookie Dough is on her way home to San Francisco!!!!!

As we have already revealed most of the incredibly intimate details of this struggle, it seems only fitting that we allow each of you to share in the final moments of our harrowing journey as our beloved Cookie & her devoted husband Michael exit the hospital.

From there, they were whisked off to a waiting plane which will return them both to San Francisco. A bed at Kaiser awaits her, as do literally thousands of adoring well-wishers.

While her battle is far from over, we here in Puerta Vallarta heave a collective sigh of relief knowing our friend, cast mate & sister will receive the absolute best care possible, with an all new army of foot-soldiers prepared to continue this ongoing fight.”

Check out the video HERE.

25 Jan

San Francisco Legend, Cookie Dough Continues Her Mexican Saga

Several days ago, we found out about San Francisco drag legend, Cookie Dough and what was thought to be a stomach flu from ingesting water that has since turned into Adeema, a coma and now a stoppage of her heart has placed her on life support. While we are getting the information from our dear friend Pollo Del Mar, who has updated friends and fans of Cookie Dough via Facebook. She reached out to us in an attempt to gain more exposure to the story and efforts to raise money to get Cookie Dough the means to medi-vac her home from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico back home to San Francisco, California.

The most recent update is as follows:


(Long, Very Important, Detailed; Please Read & SHARE!!)

The last two days have been insane & so incredibly draining for everyone who is hanging on a thread, waiting for new advancements with Cookie. It is a near-literal emotional roller coaster, filled with ups, downs, highs, extreme lows & unexpected turns by the second. However, today there is a legitimate light at the end of the tunnel for Cookie, Michael, the crew here & everyone back home.

The good news is this: We are now actively making plans to get Cookie on a Medi-Vac flight home, ideally tonight. This victory has not been easy, nor will it be cheap, but it is what Michael wants, what Cookie deserves & what MUST be done should there be any hope for an outcome with even a shred of silver lining. As a result, we implore you ALL to make additional donations to the GoFundMe published below.

Now let me catch you all up on how this has come to pass…

Yesterday, after having completely lost faith in the local medical facility’s desire & ability to care for Cookie, I took matters in my own hands. After giving her doctor more than a SLIGHT piece of my mind privately — which any who knows me understands came with a tongue-lashing to make ANYONE cringe — I less-than-casually dropped the word “lawsuit.” He was noticeably terrified, as he should be. To drive the point home, within an hour I was on the phone with the local US Consulate (thanks for the hook-up, Peaches Christ).

Many were concerned the “L” word would compromise Cookie’s care, but it was the move necessary to get action. Two hours later, for the first time since this nightmare started, Michael & I were getting some answers — and the ball was rolling!

Sitting in the Hospital Director’s office, we were FINALLY presented our options & alternative care opportunities for Cookie. Until that point, nobody EVER, not even once, spoke to us about ANY possibilities other than letting her pass, which we were clearly loathe to do.

While I will not go into COMPLETE details about the outrageousness of this situation here, Michael & those in our tight inner circle of advocates, friends & helpers have been operating for DAYS under the impression Cookie is brain dead (which is why rumors spread so quickly she had died — & why I had to squash those here, on my page).

It has been incredibly difficult to keep this information quiet, but obviously Michael’s privacy is paramount, since the decision about how best to move forward is his — & his alone — to make. From the beginning, he has consistently pushed to get Cookie better care at home (which we are all in 150% agreement with) rather than “pull the plug.”

At our insistence, PV doctors finally performed the BARE MINIMUM tests required to determine brain functions. Lo & behold, the EEG has reported a low level of brain activity. While it in no way indicates what a long term prognosis is for Cookie’s health, it DEFINITIVELY proves “brain death” was an inappropriate diagnosis. Most importantly in the immediate situation, it makes her medically eligible to be flown to better facilities with more competent doctors. (Thank fucking GOD!)

Today, Michael, the cast & our now verrrry dear friend Kirk Saraceno had a conference call with Kaiser. Leaving most of the negotiation to Kirk. An ICU nurse by profession, he is able to speak the medical language spoken by the insurance company & doctors. He is also a pitbull who refused to accept any less than the respect & coverage Cookie & Michael deserve. Bravo, Kirk! You’re my new (s)hero!!

As a result, we now await confirmation from Kaiser about when & how Cookie will be transported home. It could happen as early as later tonight, morning at latest. Michael will either accompany her on the helicopter or fly home separately ASAP. We already have a bed reserved for Cookie at home, where her own doctors can attend to her. Friends in SF are literally lining up to make certain Michael is taken care of as well.

It is important to stress that Cookie’s health is medically categorized as “catastrophic.” There is tremendous concern as to whether this move can change the outcome of her situation, but one thing is certain:

We ALL believe the absolute BEST place for Cookie is San Francisco, the city she loves so much, surrounded by her hundreds if not thousands of adoring friends, family & fans. There she can not only receive the care & attention she deserves but feed off of the absolutely overwhelming flood of love, prayers, positivity & community support I am certain she had no idea before this most grave of times existed for her.

Please DO visit the GoFundMe link below if you would like to help in some way. This is money far better spent than sending flowers (as many have expressed a desire to do). This account was established with our permission by Forrest Parnell, a dear friend of Cookie’s, and is 100% legitimate, being supervised in part by many others involved (myself included) and will be used in it’s entirety to pay Cookie’s medical expenses here (required for her release to the US) & any other costs related to Cookie’s care up until now or going forward.

While I will post a more personal update about the cast & crew later, please know how significant your well-wishes, checks in, texts, calls, FB messages & prayers are to us. I know for fact we could NOT have reached this point without you.

XO from PV,

Heklina, Peaches Christ and hundreds, if not thousands, of friends and fans have updated their Facebook Statuses with an outpouring of love and well wishes for Cookie Dough and her husband Michael Chu (DJ MC2). Right now, we’re all asking for as much help as possible. Please visit the GoFundMe campaign for Cookie Dough and share this and any other stories you see that have the link included in them to get as much funding as possible. As you can imagine Medi-Vac costs a lot of money and the care to keep her going and potentially bring her out of the state she’s in.

A huge thank you to Pollo Del Mar for keeping us up to date and reaching out to us for help with this great cause and may the joy and love of all the girls’ fans be with them all during this difficult time.

screenshot-www.gofundme.com 2015-01-25 18-59-19

22 Jan

San Francisco Legend Cookie Dough In Coma In Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The Golden Girls show, an annual Christmas event where Cookie Dough, Pollo Del Mar, Heklina and Matthew Martin portray the TV legends on stage at the Victoria Theater, was such a huge success that they were asked to move the show to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Heklina and Matthew Martin were unable to attend due to other commitments, but Daft-Knee Gasundheit!, playing Dorothy, Turleen, playing Rose & Kim Burly playing Don Benson and Sophia’s understudy came along to join in on the fun instead.

Seems like the trip has been trying for the group from the onset. With an extended layover in Texas on the way to Mexico, it took them a while to get to what has been quite an episode itself. While the view from the home they’re staying in is beautiful, it has intermittent WiFi signal making communication difficult. But that was just the beginning of the turbulent time ahead for the group, more specifically, for Cookie Dough.

10377378_10152998032544700_4047056207803122850_nAfter sending video love from Puerto Vallarta via Pollo Del Mar’s Facebook page, it seems as though Cookie Dough broke the cardinal rule in Mexico; “don’t drink the water!” Allegedly the water will go right through you and cause what the locals call “Montezuma’s Revenge” which basically means explosive diarrhea and/or vomiting. Well according to Pollo’s updates, for the two days prior to the show’s opening, basically since they got there, Cookie was thought to have Montezuma’s Revenge, however, it seems as though the diagnosis is much more serious. Check out what Pollo Del Mar had for the update to their status:

“Sadly, I’m afraid it is true. One of my besties, the seemingly unsinkable Cookie Dough, has taken a turn for the worst.

Last night Daft-Knee Gasundheit & I received an emergency call from the hospital where she was staying & rushed to her side. There we were informed she had a brain edema — swelling in the brain, to folks like you & me — & is in a coma. Respirators are keeping her stable & breathing, but we do not know what the long-term prognosis is.

Her husband DJ MC2 is on a flight to be with her right now. PLEASE keep Michael & Cookie in your thoughts & prayers, because I firmly believe they make a difference.

I will post updates, with Michael’s permission, as they are available.

Much love.”

Cookie’s heart has since stopped and she has been placed on life support. The community has shared it’s outpouring of love to the legend and her partner Michael. Let’s get best wishes to all of the cast, but most importantly to Cookie Dough and DJ MC2 for her recovery and safe return to her home in San Francisco. The show will go on with Kim Burly stepping up as Sophia if need be. So if you’re in town, be sure to show your support and if you’re not in town, please send your love and positive wishes to Cookie Dough again.


14 Sep

Drag Queens Gathering For Protest Plan Against Facebook

Heklina posted the following including Pollo Del Mar, Cookie Dough, Landa Lakes, Roxy Cotten-Candy, Sister Roma, Lady Bear, Bebe Sweetbriar, DJ Carnita and more!

“Alert! Anyone concerned with the Facebook “real-name” nonsense! We are meeting this evening at 6:30 at Cafe Flore to plan the protest. And yes, I am spreading the word about the Facebook protest on Facebook, shut up.I don’t even know who to tag anymore because I can’t find my friends due to this stupid police, please share far and wide!”