15 Jul

Help @MimiImfurst “Let The Music Play”

Mimi reached out to fans today to ask for help to fund the next music venture she’s trying by purchasing something from her online store. Her store can be found on her website MimiImfurst.com then click on Shop. You may also access more information about the queen herself.

If you haven’t heard her music, go to her sound cloud. Her music is free but it’s not cheap to make. She can make the sound track to your party, her mixes are better than most club DJs.  There are no harsh changes, it’s like you’re listening to songs that were meant to be together.  Her mixes are truly the ultimate mash-up and we get through parts of our days with the help of her mixes.

Help her keep the party going and get a t-shirt or autographed poster of her. Mimi’s music depends on it!

Mimi Imfurst 2

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