04 Dec

Help Lady Red Couture Recover

With so many horrible things we see on the news these days, it was even more heartbreaking to hear from Jonny McGovern of Hey Qween that Lady Red Couture has been silently suffering through a medical recovery without any help. Being the “strong black woman” she is, Lady Red does not allow people to see what struggles she may be going through. However, when Jonny McGovern, her best friend and host of the popular web series “Hey Qween!” got wind of the situation he immediately started a GoFundMe.com campaign.

We urge you to donate to help Lady Red recover from her illness and give her a place to stay. Jonny has promised to ensure every single penny gets to Lady Red during this time of need. This fabulous queen has not asked for help, all the more reason we should help her. She’s fabulous and need to return to 100% health so we can enjoy many many years of Lady Red Couture.

Please donate whatever you can and share this with the world to help get Lady Red the help she needs. Click on the photo for more information.

screenshot-www.gofundme.com 2014-12-04 10-49-17

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