Holding Hey Qween for hostage is the latest move by the Silicon Valley to show its inclusivity.  And by inclusivity I mean, yet another punch to the Google discrimination charge.  Earlier this week word got out that Google has severely underpaid its female employees compared to male counterparts in the same position.

Now, it seems that Google’s other hand has been shaking up the LGBTQ community by “reviewing” Hey Qween’s videos for content.  Guess picking on girls wasn’t enough, had to go after “the gays” too to make sure it was “fair”.

Hey Qween’s host, Jonny McGovern had this to say about the issue:

The movement is on people.  Hit up the Twittersphere, Instasphere, Facesphere and maybe visit that Google+ thing they have tried so desperately to make “a thing” and make it known that Hey Qween is not the one.

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