We’ve been watching videos of Cake Moss at Hard Werk for months, thanks to their YouTube channel which we highly recommend. However, we would DSCN2440never had been able to gauge the level of skill this amazing West Hollywood dance queen had. Admittedly she was in a bit of a food coma after her Thanksgiving celebrations with her LA family. But that was no excuse for Miss Cake Moss, she showed up on time, ready to party, dancing around the club and building up the atmosphere.

Hard Werk is not your typical drag show. This brilliant event does not charge a cover and even pays people who participate and win a “Vogue Battle.” If you haven’t seen this, please again, look at their YouTube channel. But again, the video cannot explain the energy this crowd has. For any drag fans who want to just hang with a queen and enjoy a party, HARD WERK is the place to be.

DSCN2441People dance battle against each other, death dropping, splits, all types of great moves. Meanwhile, the star of the show, Cake Moss and the promoter of the show, Beau Byron are standing shoulder to shoulder with their crowd enjoying the dancers and getting into it. Jamari on the mic dropping the beat to the music of DJ Benjamin Castro. Newcomers are encouraged to participate the veterans help the newcomers learn what it’s all about.

The winner gets tips from the crowd, what’s that? No cover AND the winner of the vogue battle can get some coin for that drink special. In the words of the Hard Werk crew (which also includes Barbies Addiction and Laganja Estranj occasionally) “YES GAWD!” The crowd at Hard Werk is diverse and positive. But let’s get down to the business, we went to see the drag show.

This show consisted of one star, Cake Moss! Arriving to the club in a Pocahontas outfit, she got into the Thanksgiving feel. She said she got ready super DSCN2442fast, but we saw how beautiful the camera cannot show you. Her in person look is so great and we already knew she could bring it on the dance floor, but the looks she gives during her performance cannot be expressed on any of the video or even the pictures.

This show is a must see live event. You never know who you might run into at Hard Werk at Micky’s in West Hollywood. Keep a close eye on Cake Moss, follow her on Twitter, InstagramFacebook and subscribe to her YouTube channel. Hard Werk never looked so good. Thank you folks for the wonderful time and all your hospitality. Go see them every Thursday at Micky’s in West Hollywood on the famous Santa Monica Blvd.