28 Jun

Five Reasons to Help Bring @HurricaneBianca to the Big Screen!

Hurricane Bianca has some words of encouragement for the funding of their movie..

The Countdown Begins..!

There are 18 Days left in our fundraising campaign to make our first feature film!  With 1,281 donors, we are almost at $65,000 (and that’s not counting the $35K we made before drag race) but movies are expensive, and we still have a long way to go before we can make a high-quality feature film outside of the Hollywood system!

Reason 1:  It’s still legal to fire gay people in 29 states!  Our story brings attention to this serious issue while still making you laugh!

Reason 2: Alan Cumming supports us.  You should too!  (He even told his twitter followers to help!)

Reason 3:   Our amazingly talented artist, Ashley Wilde, agreed to donate his skills for ANOTHER round of Thank-You drawings. Also we put them up at a discounted price for this week only!!

Reason 4:  All donations are tax-deductible!

Reason 5:  It’s Bianca Del Rio’s birthday!  Save your money on cake, cards and strippers, and put them towards getting the queen on the big screen!

You know what to do, if you think of it later, visit HurricaneBianca.com 

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