24 Jul

@CocoMontrese Has Conquered Life, Love and Las Vegas!

While going through a lot in life, Coco has never accepted any lot in life. She’s constantly striven for success and happiness, while never getting over consumed by success. We salute you Coco, we wish you all the happiness in the world! Here are some of our favorite looks of this beautiful diva!

Coco Montrese 2

Coco Montrese 4

Coco Montrese 5

Coco Montrese 6

17 Jul

Robert Hayman Launches Wearable Art Featuring @LaganjaEstranja

It’s brilliant! Robert Hayman recently did a fantastic photo shoot with the beautiful and talented Miss Laganja Estranja. Laganja is best known for her death drops and of course the dramatic “Untucked” scene. Despite the tears and whatever editing may have been done on ┬áRuPaul’s Drag Race, Laganja has come out with her head held high (because she’s high) and she’s making a name for herself.
She’s got her own jewelry line, she’s booked gigs everywhere, she’s painted James St. James’ face on Transformations, she’s featured in the new Krysta Youngs song and video, “Gold Grill BBQ” and now she’s become wearable art. With the help of the talented Robert Hayman who not only took the photos of the Gold Grilled queen, but his crew brought out some very unique looks of Laganja. They were sides we hadn’t gotten the opportunity to see during her time at RuPaul’s Drag Race. On top of all that, he’s turned the awesome photos into T-shirts and Tanks. Shop for the apparel HERE.

Sickening Pic

Yes Gawd Pic

Rachet Pic

Giving Body Pic

Brazil Pic

Medicated Pic