IMG_515520963447695You may have seen a Buzz Feed video of some straight guys who call themselves the The Try Guys trying drag for the first time. Whether you knew it or not, one of the “Drag Mothers” was none other than the beautiful and talented Cupcake Canne. We asked Cupcake to speak with us and she was kind enough to take a little time out of her busy schedule.


Cupcake and Ethylina Canne

Originally born a California “girl,” Cupcake grew up in Los Angeles (and Orange County) where she credits her dance schooling and interest in the arts. Her mother enrolled her in a dance class because she was a chubby kid due to the sedentary life she was living after moving around. So at 9 years old little Cupcake was learning to dance her heart out.

She told us she always loved performing and the way she got into drag about a year and a half ago was because of her love for performing. Cupcake realized as a dancer as much as she wanted to go on forever, her body would probably not allow her to do so and decided, with a little help from her drag mother Ethylina Canne, that she’d perform as a drag queen.

We asked Cupcake how she got her cute name and she shared with us the family name “Canne” was from her drag mother while her first name came from the time she was asked by Ethylina to assist her at a show for Valentine’s Day. Cupcake was adamant about not wanting to get into drag or perform, so Ethylina agreed and made her wear a image4Cupcake hat on her head the entire time and people started calling her “Cupcake.” When she finally did get into drag, that name would stick with her forever.

Cupcake opened up to us, admitting she did have a bit of a rough patch when she got into a bit of a spiral with methamphetamine use. Fortunately, this only lasted three years and she wised up and has been sober since. Her life experience and the fact she started drag in her 30’s rather than her 20’s gives her the ability to stay humble and grounded in a world where egos run rampant. She takes nothing for granted and has excelled at her look.

But Cupcake is not just a beautiful face, she makes sure her audience doesn’t see the same performance week in and week out. She recently walked the Walter Mendez fashion show and showed off her ballet skills and runway skills image5combined by stomping down the runway on her toes and dropping into the splits! We saw her live performing a “dick medley” for one set, joining some of the rest of the cast of The Backwoods Barbie the show for a Spice Girls number then going into Diana Ross.

We touched a little on her dear friend Killer and the loss of her friend in September, she said she’d never had a connection like she did with Killer (aka Ryan Rorie) and doubts she ever will. While she misses Killer every day, she has found ways to push through and continue despite her loss. She said she will never find another person like her, Killer was just so kindred to her. Here’s Cupcake’s performance during the memorial put together to raise money and memorialize Killer.


Cupcake was most recently spotted on the red (black) carpet being interviewed at the World of Wonder Drag Ball and photographed with some of Los Angeles’ drag royalty. While the world has not yet seen its share of Cupcake, we’re excited we have had the wonderful chance to share our love for her with you. Sitting and talking with Cupcake is like talking with someone you’ve known your whole life. She’s very honest and open and sweet as her name. But don’t mistake her sweetness for weakness, she has a strong head on her shoulders and is driven to be the best she can be.

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