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12 Jun

Bianca and Gia on HIV =

We at Drag Queens Galore very strongly about HIV/AIDS prevention and spreading the word.  We are so happy so many Drag Queens have joined HIV = and the team including Jack Mackenroth to help spread awareness.  Even though Bianca talks about Gia a lot, these two work together frequently.  Join the movement and be sure to get tested frequently.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9diNxulU2eE]

07 Jun

Life Ball 2014 Auctions @Carmen_Carrera’s nude images and raises $245,000

Carmen Carrera posted on her Facebook page the news of what has been the silver lining to all the controversy over the past couple weeks.  They were able to raise much needed money for HIV/AIDS research. Finally coming together to fight the real enemy a disease which is still affecting a majority of the LGBTQ Community.

We raised $245,000 for HIV/AIDS research by auctioning off the “two anatomy” nude images of me photographed by David LaChapelle for Life Ball 2014.

Thank you to Gery Keszler and everyone at Life Ball for this!! We did something great!! It feels amazing to be able to work with the best in the industry and contribute to Europe’s largest charity organization.



Know your status and get tested, we may not be able to raise that amount of money, but we can do something to fight against this horrible disease.  Knowing is half the battle.