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Drag queens are being asked to change their drag names on Facebook. The new policy is requiring them to change their “Facebook names” to their “real names.” Check out some of the outrage from queens like Heklina, Sister Roma and more…

“Fuck you Facebook! If you weren’t so important as a marketing tool I would quit you. You made me change my name. The “Grygelko” part is my real last name……” – Heklina

“I am officially PISSED OFF and creeped out by Facebook. I went to respond to a message from my Sister Unity and this is what I found. You’ll notice that all threads from previous messages plus current ones about the Name Change on Facebook were deleted. WHO decided these messages were abusive or spam? Not me. This is censorship.#MyNameIsRoma

1924359_10152436971281359_8313746831638082888_n– Sister Roma

Here’s a petition going around for Change.org to Stop forcing users to display their real name, sign and share to help our queens. Great time to move over to dragbook.com for all the latest on your drag favorites.


12 Jul

Have You Updated Your Profile on Dragbook.com?

Explore the wonderful world of Dragbook.com. With Facebook getting so strict and big brotherish, it might be the right time to move over to Dragbook. Link up with all your favorite Drag Queens and meet new and interesting people. Create your profile, friend us and Dragbook and enjoy the content of each and every member of the Dragbook family.