Recently a light has been shed on some pretty horrible things, there are people still hurting people for being who they are. People who hurt the people they claim to love and people who just say unkind words behind a keyboard because they think it’s important to tell people negative things. Do not get us wrong, these forms of abuse are not all equal, but they are all abusive.

Jonny McGovern brought it up with Alaska Thunderfuck during the bonus clip of “Hey Qween!” last week. They talked about the cruelness of social media. How people will always have an opinion but with the advent of technology, the lack of human interaction has changed things. As you gain popularity this will always be true. The more exposure you gain, the more hatred you’ll see. Of course you’ll see compliments and nice things of course, but the things that tend to affect someone the most or put someone who’s not sure of himself into a self doubting state are the negative connotations. But remember, only you can give power to these cyber bullies. Their words can only hurt you as much as you let them.

Sometimes it’s not limited to people on social media and it extends to people walking in what you’d think were “safe” neighborhoods. There are still so many people who just don’t value human life or the fact that while resilient, humans are still delicate. Somehow it seems pain and death are unreal or temporary. There is no turning back once these harms are done. We suggest always being aware of your surroundings, no matter where you are. Try to travel in groups instead of alone. Stay in well lit areas with lots of people around. Take a self-defense class if you can.

The saddest part of abuse is when it happens with people who are supposed to love and protect you from harm. This can happen from a parent, sibling, partner, friend, etc. Whether physical or emotional, the pain from domestic abuse is two-fold. What we learned from our interview with Nicole Paige Brooks is the blame that comes from the aftermath. The doubt of what was done to get abused and the allowance of further abuse from someone you care about can be continual on top of the actual abuse. Domestic abuse happens more often than is shared. Once again we thank Nicole for sharing her brave story.

Know how valuable you are, be the most important person in your life because the only person who’s going to be there your whole life is you. You’ll be right by your side through everything. Be sure you love yourself like Mama Ru says, “If you don’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” That goes both ways, the reason someone would hurt you is because they don’t value themselves and they’re trying to bring you down. Don’t let anyone bring you down and spread love not hate.

Mama Tits