Au Jus is a San Francisco based drag queen who has come up quickly through the ranks of the drag scene. We ran into Au Jus while checking out a performance at Pollo Del Mar’s Glamazone at The Cafe in San Francisco. Pollo announced that the next performer would be singing live. Considering San Francisco is home to Honey 2wmvisoraujus1Mahogany, one of the best drag singers in the game, we thought, alright, let’s see how this goes. She sang Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” and we were amazed at the likeness. People were asking her after her performance if that was really her. Needless to say, she had us hooked.

Au Jus is a huge personality in a tiny package. She’s all of 5′ 7″ with her 5 inch heels on. Standing next to her you see curves that keep you hooked and a face that you can’t stop looking at. She’s been doing drag for only two years but she’s already made her mark on the San Francisco drag scene. She won the second Talent Showcase at The Glamazone and she’s had her calendar filled weekly ever since.

She took some time out of her busy schedule to speak with us about her fast pacedĀ drag history. She told us that Au Jus was born of internet tutorials, she doesn’t have a drag family, belong to a house, drag mother, etc but that hasn’t stopped Au Jus from learning from those around her. She credits her friends for having influence on sharpening her look and honey that look is amazing. As for her IMG_0314name, she just likes dipping sauce, so her personal food habits became our drag addiction!

She’s filled in for the likes of Honey Mahogany for singing performances, performed with Peaches Christ, BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon in Hocus Pocus. We saw her around the Peaches and Heklina High School Reunion. The San Francisco drag scene books her on the regular and this week she is even having a birthday tour! What we didn’t know about her was the deepest thing she was able to share with us.

She’s not just a pretty face with a rockin’ body and awesome voice, she’s also got some really deep thoughts of transitioning. While some folks are thinking, “of course,” it’s not something she’s said to anyone else. We thanked her for her candor and asked her to elaborate. She said she loves the way she feels when she’s in drag and how much wmstandingtallaujusattention she getsĀ and this attention she doesn’t get when she’s out of drag and she said she’s always felt a little more like a woman. Growing up she didn’t feel the need to fit in with the boys. The attention she gets from guys is outstanding. But for her it’s about more than just the attention, she really is a beautiful woman in there and her going through these thoughts of transitioning is not just an extension of a drag character.

Au Jus is a brilliant musician and plans on releasing her single early next year with her video dropping shortly thereafter. She’s collaborating with none other than Jose A Guzman Colon for the video who has shot some of the drag community’s most notable queens. She promised the singles would be a mixture of ballads and some fun dance music as well, so keep your eye on this gorgeous queen. She’s just getting started and she’s not stopping anytime soon.

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