Ryan is a 16 year old drag queen, who reached out to us about becoming a contributor. We asked him some things about himself and although young, he really couldn’t be a better fit. Here’s how he got us to add him to the team.

As a young queen and up and coming drag queen I appreciate that Drag Queens Galore has a big focus on new hidden queens who the drag community Logo High Reswouldn’t know about unless they were connected to a drag race queen in some way. I love drag because it combines all of the arts, like reading as a form of creative writing (might be a stretch?), makeup as a form of painting, outfits as a form of construction and styling and designing, and the final result being a form of theatre/performing arts. I think of drag as not a creative outlet, but as SEVERAL creative outlets that can sometimes tire you out, but you keep coming back to it because you love it and it makes you feel appreciated. I started theatre as a need to find attention I wasn’t getting from people, then I found drag, which yes gets you attention, but also gives you that recognition of “hey I not only memorized something but I also transformed my body and face and constructed an entire outfit”.

We can’t wait for you to see what’s coming from this young contributor.¬†Due to his age, we will not release his last name to protect his privacy.