We love showcasing up and coming talent when we can, but we couldn’t be more excited to share with you on of our personal favorite Hometown Hunties Miss Victoria Vertigo Moore. We asked Victoria to be a part of this feature on our site and she responded so positively we were very impressed. Check her out and get to know a little bit about Victoria!

DQG: When and why did you start doing drag?
VVM: I believe I was about 19  years old when I stumbled into the drag world. At first, I never thought I would do drag until I saw performers who dressed up as image6women on YouTube. The first entertainer ever was Phoenix O’Hara (later renamed Phi Phi O’Hara) at the time who performed Lady Gaga’s live Grammys featuring Elton John. I thought to myself, “I could be a better Lady Gaga impersonator, yet I did not how or where to begin”. Then I slowly began purchasing wigs and shoes then Victoria was born. Luckily, RuPauls Drag Race season 3 was airing, I learned from watching them from makeup to entertaining.

DQG: We know Monique Moore is your drag mother, is she your first drag mother?
VVM: Yes, Monique Moore is my first drag mother. I was very fortunate to have her as a drag mother and also a friend because I am learning and growing from her. Without her telling me to be myself, stand up and not care what others think. Then, I will be completely fine. I am also blessed to have several idols in the drag world, prior to having and meeting Monique Moore. I had Anya Munro who was the Asian Queen from San Francisco taught me certain aspects and conveying to the audience. Along my career path, I’ve looked up at other queens, the older ones specifically who has been in the drag world image3longer for drag queen etiquette. Be on time. Be humble. Now I have Monique Moore who is very seasoned and obtains the greater qualities, I am growing to portray.

DQG: How does your family feel about you doing drag?
VVM: Oh great, now we just got personal with my family. Well, my mother and sister are both supportive [of] myself doing drag. Unfortunately, my father on the other hand is not very supportive. I wish he was supportive because I believe drag queens are the heart within our gay, lesbian, trans and anything in between community. I enjoy entertaining the audience. I am lucky enough to see my mother perform me live on my actual birthday. The whole time, she smiled and graciously said, “You worked it out bitch,” right after the show ended. My mother is my heart and if she’s happy, I am beyond belief happy within my drag career.

DQG: How did you come up with your drag name?
VVM: My drag name, Victoria Annamarie Simmons was my first name. Unfortunately, announcers/emcees had a difficult time saying it all. So, I shortened it to Victoria Simmons, but the name never really roll off the tongue. At the time, I had a drag sister Vivi Vuitton who no longer does drag. Her and I were going to be the VV sisters. So, she said, Victoria Vertigo, which workedimage5 quite perfect. It is hilarious when Vertigo came because I am a medical biller and Vertigo is an ear disease or cause of dizziness. Ever since then, I kept the name.

DQG: Do you find a lot of straight men hit on you?
VVM: Everyone within the gay community or whoever knows me, friends with me, acquaintances of mine, they all see straight men do have a tendency to hit on me. Which I am not bothered by whatsoever because I actually would date a straight guy.

DQG: Who inspires your look?
VVM: My drag inspirations are Aubrey O’Day, Lilly Gahlichi, Yasmine Petty, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and majority of the Victoria Secret Angel models.

image2DQG: Do you have a unique talent?
VVM: I believe I do have a unique talent. I mean, my every day life as a gay man who looks 100% different compared to Victoria Vertigo Moore is a greater accomplishment and worked goal for a talent. A shy nose down gay guy to a sensual vixen queen by the talents with makeup. So, yes I do believe I have a unique talent.

DQG: What is your ultimate goal for Victoria?
VVM: My ultimate goal for Victoria Vertigo Moore is to be known in major cities and also able to host my own drag show with fulfilling talent.

DQG: What’s something about you that no one knows?
VVM: The one thing no one knows about me is that I am a great bowler and my real name is not Dexter. It is actually Vince Dantay, ifimage4 you are able to Google, my Track & Field record will pop up.

DQG: Where can people see you perform?
VVM: People can catch the Fresh Fish of the Night every single Sunday at Climax in Modesto, CA. If you are lucky, you may catch me all around Northern California.

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