The FOX Network created a new show called Utopia, where people spend a year in this place where there is no government, no rules and they have to fend for themselves. There are 15 people in the group and everything is being filmed for television. There have been a lot of arguments, a lot of drunkenness and even a lot of make out sessions. There have been a lot of unexpected things on the show, but one thing we really didn’t expect was a makeshift drag show at the end of the second week.

Drag Show Week 2 - 1

That’s right, a group of straight men borrowed their fellow Utopians’ clothes and did a show for the ladies. The ladies were thrilled to see their male counterparts don their feminine attire. Although they didn’t get into makeup, it was mostly just a clothing thing, they lived it up!

Drag Show Week 2 - 2

This got us wondering why do men want to do drag? Is there some sort of rebellion within society? It seems to be more frowned upon for a man to wear women’s clothes than for a woman to wear men’s clothing. But why? Because it’s okay to look like a boy but not a girl? Does this create a natural curiosity for men? The forbidden fruit of women’s clothing and make-up.

Whatever the reason, it’s almost Halloween, so we’ll probably see a new batch of queens debuting their drag look.