During our travels to visit live drag shows, we’ve noticed some odd things along our way. While we appreciate the fans of all drag queens, we have noticed there are some fans that take it a little too far. Drag queens deserve to be adored, followed and appreciated, but people taking it a little more to the extreme lessen the chance of getting to know the queens in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We understand, of course, the excited feeling of seeing someone you’ve watched on TV or stage in person. It’s really exciting when they smile and say hello and if they even recognize you from a previous engagement or social media. But what is true with every other person in the world is also true for drag queens.

People do not like to be pulled and pushed around, yanked by the neck, having their personal space invaded without permission or anything that violates someone’s trust. While drag queens definitely have entertaining personalities on stage, when in person, they’re people with boundaries the same as everyone else. While there are some queens who will let you touch them inappropriately in a photo for fun, this does not apply to everyone.

So here’s our advice to all fans of our lovely drag queens, please share.

Compliment Be Rude
Hug gently Tug on anything
Air kisses Pull on wigs
Offer to buy a drink Grab any part of their bodies
Give them some space to hang with friends Interrupt them during a show or while they’re talking with someone

Here are some more tips from Allusia.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYX4KHt8BV4]

We hope this helps all the queens we’ve seen being violated, pushed, pulled and tugged. We also hope this helps all the fans hang with their favorite queens… oh and by the way, don’t call one queen your favorite of all time if it’s not true. They talk to each other and watch each other on social media as well… it’s like telling all your girlfriends/boyfriends they’re the love of your life.