02 Dec

Befierce Sundays At 340 Nightclub In Pomona

California’s Inland Empire is home to famous queens like Raven and Morgan McMichaels and a DJ who was there from the beginning, DJ Wes. He’s opened two DSCN2557clubs; 340 in Pomona and 340 East in San Bernardino, which opened over the weekend with the American Apparel Ad queens. We, however, heard about a queen named Melissa who’s got this growing Befierce empire and hosts a drag competition on Sundays.

So we went to Pomona and checked out the crew at 340. The good news is DJ Wes still spins Madonna tracks to warm up the night, this has been his signature for decades, from the days of Oasis and beyond. The wait staff was attentive, the food was perfectly proportioned and the club was nice and cool which when the weather is cold is not always the case for a club that is upstairs. Since we weren’t there to see anyone but Melissa, we were asked by the bouncer if we wanted to be judges for the competition.

We sat in the front row and got to see a great view of Melissa and all the competitors. There were giveaways during the breaks, Andrew Christian underwear, Twerk caps and more were given to winners of the twerking competition which was immediately followed by a twerk off between DJ Wes and Melissa Befierce who co-host the show and call each other “Lady” throughout the evening with the cutest banter.

The competition was fierce, while there were definite hits and misses, this was a group of great competitors. The show started on time with Melissa coming down thatDSCN2555 long stairway and working her ass off to the crowd and on stage. Playing up that sexiness and beat face to a song that was longer than she’d planned for. Following her number, Melissa began her duties as emcee and helped the show move on.

The competition included a bio queen, Miss Phoenix, who was very aware of her body and used it to entertain the crowd and one of us judges in particular, including a kiss on the cheek. There was a “girl group” Spice Boos, including another bio queen. There were newcomers, veterans, music issues and everything you’d expect with a local drag competition.

DSCN2583The standout performance, however, was the later to be determined winner, Jenna Scyde. She prepared a dance routine, a duet with her brother, lip synced to an incredible mix.of some of our favorite flashback songs. And lets not forget, she was the best female illusionist out of the bunch. We were happy to find out she won the week’s competition and will be competing in the grand finale in February.

The competition happens every Sunday at club 340 Nightclub in Pomona. Get to know Melissa Befierce, she’s every where in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Oh, did we mention Bianca Del Rio, Raven and Jackie Beat all have regular gigs at 340? Yet another reason to love this club.

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