DSCN2450When you think of West Hollywood drag you may not always remember Hamburger Mary’s West Hollywood as it is in a slightly different part of West Hollywood than the rest of the “scene.” While you definitely know to grab a great burger or anything off their legendary menu, Hamburger Mary’s also has a really creative group of queens that gather monthly for the Backwoods Barbie show.

The cast includes hosts, Misty Violet and Imagene Autry with performances by Tia Wanna, Hummingbird Meadows, Marta Beatchu, Angelica D’Vil and Cupcake Canne. This show is unique in it’s format with opening and closing numbers including the entire cast. It’s like an introduction and finale so you can take a look at what’s to come and who you loved most. There are DSCN2518two numbers within the individual drag performances that include three and four members of the cast in one number. While it’s hard to keep your eye on just one queen, it’s so great to see group performances like that! We spoke with Cupcake briefly after the show and she told us the format with the multiple drag queen performances is arranged by Imagene And Misty prior to the event. We thought this brilliant! Each queen was tasked for this event to bring some “Thanksgiving Realness” to the stage for their performances as is normal with each themed event Backwoods Barbie throws.

What is also unique to this show is the giveaways! Every intermission had someone winning a prize! They must have given away at least half a dozen prizes! There’s no cover, you can eat some food, drink some drinks, sit down in the restaurant and the drag performers come to you. Not to mention, the brilliant idea of having someone walk around the restaurant with singles prior to the show so you may generously tip the queens who are well deserving of each and every tip.

Imagene walks around the restaurant prior to the show getting to know the audience and introducing herself and the show. Her DSCN2548hospitality is outstanding as you’d expect from any good ‘ol southern lady. Even if she throws shade, she ends that shade with, “bless your heart,” so as to soften the blow. But she definitely takes out all her aggression on her co-host, Misty Violet. Now Missy plays up to being a ditzy queen, but her comedic timing is brilliant and fits perfectly with Imagene, not to mention how gorgeous she is.

Every queen in this cast was a standout, from Tia Wanna’s beauty and great lip sync, Hummingbird’s reenactment of Jessie on Saved By The Bell during her “cracked out” episode where she’s so excited, Marta Beatchu’s Boop Boop Be Doo remix showing her innocence and sexiness, Angelica D’Vil’s Bob’s Burger Thanksgiving song (hilarious and perfect!) to Cupcake Canne and her on point performance as Posh and letting everyone know she wants a specific sized phalli.

This lineup was beat, their outfits were on point, the performances were nothing short of perfect and combine them all together, it made for DSCN2503a long night of drag which we would never complain about. You know you’re going for a show and you get way more than you pay for… especially since there’s no cover, but we’d still pay money to see this show because it’s so worth it. They have another show coming up in December so be sure to check it out. You will not be disappointed at all!

Check out the performances on our YouTube page and be sure to follow all these queens on social media, just click on their names to view their Facebook pages.