We’d like to introduce a new segment to our site, we look forward to showcasing a brand new drag queen, we’re calling it baby drag for now. Here’s our friend Stefani Rose with her own introduction.  Watch while we follow her progress from beginning to refining.

“My name, Stefani comes from my idol Lady Gaga. Her first name is Stefani and my friends told me to pick that name because they thought it should be awesome with my character. First I had the name Scarlet Rose, but I wasn’t sure about that name. Since my friends told me to pick Stefani as my first name I changed it directly and my stage name became Stefani Rose. I kept the Rose part because I love roses, and its an awesome second name. Im a dutch queen, in a city where drag isn”t really into the scene. Not like Amsterdam. Its sad but its fun. Everyone knows my name around here, as boy and as girl. My name starts to grow since I do some performance at the local gay bar. I started doing drag about a year ago, and I keep on growing. I love to act and entertain people, thats why I made up my character, Stefani Rose.”
Check out her first ever performance in drag be sure to follow her on social media. Don’t worry, we’ll have every even she does on our site. We are really excited about our new addition to the family.
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2 thoughts on “Baby Drag With Stefani Rose”

  1. Salah Chourir October 24, 2014

    She is awesome
    Life hasn’t been easy for her and she keeps on keeping on
    Luv yah girll
    -x- from your squirrelfriend Salah 🙂

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