We’re Looking For Feedback!!

Drag Queens Galore is looking for some new blood, we want to hear from you and tell us what you can bring to the table. If you know some queens who should be featured on our site, we want to hear from you. If you’ve looked at our YouTube channel and thought, I can make videos like that, let us know. If you went through our Instagram photos and said, hey, they’re not taking pictures of…. [fill in the blank] let us know. If you think we need some gif action for tumblr, we’re down for that.

If you’re a talent or booking agent, we’ve got some travel discounts that we may be able to offer to help you get the most out of your bookings by saving on travel. If you’re a venue who would like us to tell people about what you’re doing, hit us up. If you’re a drag queen website and you’d like to share some information, we’re happy sharing.

Let us know if you’ve got some ideas, we’re open to new stuff.┬áBut we’re really looking for feedback right now. We’re about to make some really big changes.

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