The Climax Bar in Modesto, California welcomed the return of Mizz Monique Moore’s Dragalicious Show on Sunday nights this past weekend. The club packed in over 200 patrons for “The Bitch Is Back” show which included the celebration of our very own Hometown Hunty, Jaymelah Vanity Moore’s birthday as well. The much anticipated return included performances by some of Monique’s drag family, including Miz Charm-Moore, Victoria Vertigo Moore, Jaymelah Vanity Moore and a surprise performance by Deja Vanity Moore. But the show also included long time drag friends Evora Baden, Jenny Tonic and Antaundra Entrendre.

DSCN3606Due to management issues in November, the Dragalicious Show was cancelled for a couple months. However, the issues were resolved in early January when Mizz Monique announced the return of Dragalicious to Climax on January 18th, 2015. The excitement of fans of the show that’s run for over 2 years was palpable. While other options are available in the area, it seemed as though fans of the club and the show were just happy to see issues resolved.

The club was packed, the energy was high, the performers were outstanding and the overall vibe of the night was as great as any homecoming you could ask for. Mizz Monique walked into a club filled with family, friends and fans from all over the bay area. Monique stepped back on the stage like she’d never left, with her quips and inappropriate behavior that she never apologizes for, she was back in action.

With powerful performances from each cast member, we were happy to see the celebration and be a part of it. Monique seemed like she’d been reunited with a friend she hadn’t seen in years and it was as if no time had passed at all. We congratulate Monique and Climax for coming to a resolution and providing the crowd with an outstanding experience. She’s back every Sunday night at Climax bar in Modesto, California.

Please take a look at our YouTube channel to see each performance for yourself.

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