The Golden Girls show, an annual Christmas event where Cookie Dough, Pollo Del Mar, Heklina and Matthew Martin portray the TV legends on stage at the Victoria Theater, was such a huge success that they were asked to move the show to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Heklina and Matthew Martin were unable to attend due to other commitments, but Daft-Knee Gasundheit!, playing Dorothy, Turleen, playing Rose & Kim Burly playing Don Benson and Sophia’s understudy came along to join in on the fun instead.

Seems like the trip has been trying for the group from the onset. With an extended layover in Texas on the way to Mexico, it took them a while to get to what has been quite an episode itself. While the view from the home they’re staying in is beautiful, it has intermittent WiFi signal making communication difficult. But that was just the beginning of the turbulent time ahead for the group, more specifically, for Cookie Dough.

10377378_10152998032544700_4047056207803122850_nAfter sending video love from Puerto Vallarta via Pollo Del Mar’s Facebook page, it seems as though Cookie Dough broke the cardinal rule in Mexico; “don’t drink the water!” Allegedly the water will go right through you and cause what the locals call “Montezuma’s Revenge” which basically means explosive diarrhea and/or vomiting. Well according to Pollo’s updates, for the two days prior to the show’s opening, basically since they got there, Cookie was thought to have Montezuma’s Revenge, however, it seems as though the diagnosis is much more serious. Check out what Pollo Del Mar had for the update to their status:

“Sadly, I’m afraid it is true. One of my besties, the seemingly unsinkable Cookie Dough, has taken a turn for the worst.

Last night Daft-Knee Gasundheit & I received an emergency call from the hospital where she was staying & rushed to her side. There we were informed she had a brain edema — swelling in the brain, to folks like you & me — & is in a coma. Respirators are keeping her stable & breathing, but we do not know what the long-term prognosis is.

Her husband DJ MC2 is on a flight to be with her right now. PLEASE keep Michael & Cookie in your thoughts & prayers, because I firmly believe they make a difference.

I will post updates, with Michael’s permission, as they are available.

Much love.”

Cookie’s heart has since stopped and she has been placed on life support. The community has shared it’s outpouring of love to the legend and her partner Michael. Let’s get best wishes to all of the cast, but most importantly to Cookie Dough and DJ MC2 for her recovery and safe return to her home in San Francisco. The show will go on with Kim Burly stepping up as Sophia if need be. So if you’re in town, be sure to show your support and if you’re not in town, please send your love and positive wishes to Cookie Dough again.


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