JC reached out to us sharing his art and we asked him to climb aboard. He was happy to join us and we’re happy to have him. We asked him to tell our readers a little about himself…

“Well, I have always enjoyed art and drawing. I love horror movies and classic punk rock – both of which are often my focus. But, Drag Queens make wonderful subjects to me because I feel that they kind of cross that barrier between the masculine and the feminine, yet maintaining beauty – a great contrast in the duality of people and in particular that of the gay culture. I feel like I am paying homage to people that I consider to be great artists themselves, so I try to do justice to what they have obviously put a lot of time and effort into creating. As an openly gay man, I can appreciate the amount of courage it takes to look society in the face and say “Hey, I am doing this because this is me and I am fabulous!”. 🙂
My first poetry book is called “Spitting Teeth”. – The basis for a lot of my work is kind of an apocalyptic look at the world and how I feel that society seems to be destroying themselves through their own hatred and willingness to conform to the status quo.
The second is called “Cyberpunk Daydream” – Futuristic.. Dystopic.
Hopefully, my third will be out later this year “Tale of a Southern Fried Mad Man”
As far as anything else goes – I work in nursing and am an EMT. I sell paintings in galleries from time to time. I also have a degree in Criminal Justice. So, I really enjoy helping people as a whole.”
JC’s artwork will be a weekly feature with your favorite queens. Want JC to do a specific queen? Let us know on our “Contact Us” Page. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @Vault87Mutant.

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